Margaret Booth

Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate College 
School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy
556 Education


Ph.D., Education (Educational Psychology & Comparative Education)
Ohio University, 1991.  
DissertationChildren of migrant fathers: The effects of father- absence on Swazi children’s preparedness for school.

M.A., International Studies (African Studies Cognate)
Ohio University, Athens, OH, 1987.

B.A., English, Secondary Education Certificate
Miami University, Oxford OH, 1982.


  • EDFI 6010: Comparative Education
  • EDFI 3030: Educational Psychology Applied to Adolescent Development
  • EDFI 6730: Adolescent Development within Social Contexts
  • EDFI 6750: Cross-Cultural Human Development and Learning
  • EDFI 6420: Research in Education
  • HIED 7340: College and University Teaching


  • Adolescent development within diverse educational cultural contexts

  • Adolescent identity development and educational implications

  • African youth development within socio-cultural contexts


Scholarly Book:

  • Booth, M.Z. (2004). Culture and Education: The Social Consequences of Western Schooling in Contemporary Swaziland.  University Press of America.

Refereed Articles:

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  • Manuscript reviewer for: Journal of Adolescent Research; Middle Grades Research Journal; Comparative Education ReviewAfrican Studies Review.


  • Spencer Foundation Research Award: Enhancing Social Opportunity in a Post-Recession Era through Academic Climate for Adolescents and Young Adults. $50,000.
  • PI: Research Development Counsel Grant,: Improving Academic Achievement and Social Opportunity for Adolescents from Low SES, Multi-Cultural Rural Communities(2009-2010, $12,500)

  • Spencer Foundation Research Award: A Study of the Historical Development of Western Schooling in Swaziland. $28,233.  (Completed June 1, 2001)

  • Spencer Foundation Research Award:  The Home Environment and School Achievement: A Longitudinal Study of Primary School Children in Swaziland.  $23,000. (Completed June 1, 1999)


  • Improving Academic Achievement and Social Opportunity for Adolescents from Low SES, Multi-Cultural Rural Communities: Collaborative research project with Fremont, Ohio schools.