Bruce Collet

Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, MA in Cross-Cultural and International Education (MACIE)
School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy
560 Education


Ph.D. Cultural and Educational Policy Studies; Comparative and International Education
Loyola University Chicago, 2006.

M.Ed. Instructional Leadership
University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998.                      

B.A. Philosophy
University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1991.


EDFI 4080: Education in a Pluralistic Society

EDFI 6000: Philosophy of Education

EDFI 6010: Comparative Education

EDFI 6030: Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

EDFI 7010: Comparative Higher Education


Forced migration and education; Immigrant education; Education and national identity; Religious minorities and secular schooling; Globalization and education, Critical multiculturalism / multicultural education; Community-based participatory research.


Editor, Journal of Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education: Studies of Migration, Integration, Equity, and Cultural Survival


Refereed Articles:

Collet, B. and Bang, H. (2014). The securitization of refugee flows and the schooling of refugees: Examining the cases of North Koreans in South Korea and Iraqis in Jordan. Compare, Online First. 

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Book and Encyclopedia Chapters:

Kubow, K. and Collet, B. (In Press). Tracing the pedagogy of comparative and international education. Forthcoming in Comparative and international education history, theory and methodology. Münster, Germany: Waxmann.

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Book Reviews

Collet, B. (2011). Review of Citizenship, identity, and education in Muslim communities: Essays on attachment and obligation, Edited by M. Merry and J. Milligan. In International Journal of Multicultural Education 13, (1).  

Collet, B. (2008). Review of Culture, identity, and Islamic schooling: A philosophical approach, by M. Merry]. In Education Review: A Journal of Book Reviews.

Commissioned Paper and Reports:

Kubow, P., Darabie, M., Collet, B., & Frey, C. (2009). Jordan focus group report. The Center for International Comparative Education, Bowling Green State University.

Collet, B. (2008). Islam, national identity, and educational policy: Lessons learned from the Somali diaspora in Toronto. Politics of Education Association Bulletin, 32(2), 1, 10-13.

Collet, B. (2007). Assessing Barriers to University Access among Internationally-Trained Professionals in Ontario; A Mapping and Critique of University Data Collection Methods. Research Paper prepared for the Ontario Universities Access Initiative for Internationally Trained Professionals, Council of Ontario Universities, Toronto, Ontario. 

Collet, B. (2004). Community-based participatory research: A review of the literature. Research Paper prepared for the Wellesley Central Health Corporation, Toronto, Ontario.


Bang, H. (PI) & Collet, B. (Co-PI). (2012). Wisdom Development and Adaptation to Schooling among Iraqi Refugee Secondary Students in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Faculty Research Committee, BGSU ($10,000).

Collet, B. (PI). (2010). Here, There, and Elsewhere: Refugee Families in Milwaukee. Ethnic Cultural Arts Program Grant ($900)

Kubow, P. (PI), Darabie, M., Collet, B., & Simon, M. (Co-PIs) (2010).Multiculturalism and Arab Identities—Citizenship, Identity, and the Politics of Belonging: The Case of Jordan Office of Postsecondary Education.  Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad, U.S. Department of Education Grant, ($83,679).

Booth, M. Z. (PI), Gerard, J., Frey, C., & Collet, B. (2009). Improving Academic Achievement and Social Opportunity for Adolescents from Low SES, Multi-Cultural Rural Communities.  Research Development Council Grant ($12,500).

Collet, B. (PI) (2006). Identifying Urban Health Issues among Somali Youth, Wellesley Central Health Corporation, Toronto ($12,000).  



Area Coordinator, Social Foundations, School of Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy
College Multicultural Initiatives Committee

University Faculty Senate

International Studies Advisory Committee

The Center for International Comparative Education

Scholarship Committee

Curriculum Committee

MACIE Core Faculty

Additional Professional Service

Secretary, Religion and Education Special Interest Group, Comparative and International Education Society.

Guest Editor, 2014, Migration, Religion and Education. Special issue of Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education.

Scholar, 2007-present, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Toronto

Junior Editor, 2004-2009, Refugee Journal, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Toronto

Volunteer, 2004-2006, The Somali-Canadian Working Group for New Generation, Toronto

Coordinator, 2002–2006
, Comparative and International Education Course Archive Project,
 Loyola University Chicago           

Vice-President, 2002-2003 Comparative and International Education Graduate Student Association, Loyola University Chicago

Liaison, 2000-2001 Chicago Board of Education Academic Accountability Council

Member, 1998-2001, Chicago Panel on School Policy Task Force on Parent Involvement

Member, 1999, 
Kohl/McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Awards Advisory Board, Chicago


Distinguished Alumnus Award, Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University-Chicago, November 2014.