Key Assessments

All teacher education students are required to complete specific key assessments when enrolled in core teacher education courses (see table below for course listing). These assessments are automatically built in to the course syllabus; however data will be collected on these specific assessments across the College. In addition, each student is required to upload key assessment artifacts to one’s E-Portfolio account at BGSU. This requirement will only apply to core teacher education courses completed during or after Fall 2005.

This page provides

Education Courses with Key Assessments

  1. EDHD 2010 Introduction to Education
  2. EDFI 3010 Educational Psychology Applied to Early Childhood
  3. EDFI 3020 Educational Psychology
  4. EDFI 3030 Educational Psychology Applied to Adolescent Development
  5. EDFI 4020 Assessment & Evaluation in Education
  6. EDFI 4080 Education in a Pluralistic Society
  7. EDIS 4290 Assessment of Young Children
  8. EDIS 4310 Teaching Students with Special Needs
  9. EDAS 4090 Organization and Administration of Education in American Society

Teacher Education Key Assessments 

Entrance (KA1) Three key assessments are completed in EDHD 2010.

  • KA1c—Assessment of Technology Competencies (ATC) is completed during your semester in EDTL 2300. You will receive a completed rubric that summarizes your results on the ATC. Scan and upload the final graded rubric that you receive.
  • KA1d—Urban Reflection Paper will be a Word document that is based upon your field experience associated with EDHD 2010 and Teaching Paper will be a Word document that presents your rationale for becoming a teacher.

Educational Psychology (KA2) One key assessment is completed in Educational Psychology (EDFI 3010/3020/3030).

  • KA2a—Field Experience Paper will be a Word document that reflects upon your field experience in relation to learning theory.

Diversity and Exceptionality (KA3) Two key assessments address the theme of Diversity and Exceptionality.

  • KA3a—Cultural Ethnography Paper is completed in EDFI 4080. This paper will be a Word document that demonstrates your skills of cultural self-reflection and examination of the cultural and social assumptions influencing contemporary practices and experiences in American schools.
  • KA3b—Special Education Final Exam is completed in EDIS 4310. You will receive a report that summarizes your exam results. Scan and upload this report.

Technology (KA4) Four key assessments are completed in EDTL 3020/3670 as a part of your Technology Showcase.

  • KA4a—Technology Showcase will be an electronic hyperlinked portfolio that will need to be uploaded as a zipped file (less than 12 MG).
  • KA4b—Research on Technology Issue may be a paper in Word or a PowerPoint presentation that examines a technology issue.
  • KA4c—Technology-rich Lesson will be a Word document that presents a lesson plan which integrates effective uses of technology.
  • KA4d—Digital Video Philosophy will be a digital video file that summarizes one’s teaching philosophy using video and audio.

Assessment (KA5) Middle Childhood and AYA majors complete three key assessments in EDFI 4020.

  • KA5a—Objective-based Assessment will be a Word document that presents a traditional test that you have developed.
  • KA5b—Performance-based Assessment will be a Word document that presents the performance-based assessment and rubric that you developed.
  • KA5c—Interpretation of Standardized Test Report will be a Word document that presents your explanation and interpretation of standardized test results for a particular student.

    Early Childhood majors will complete one key assessment in EDIS 4290.

  • KA5d—Case Study/Portfolio summarizes assessment results of a child’s development. This portfolio may include several Word documents and scanned/graphic items.

School Organization (KA6) Two key assessments are completed in EDAS 4090.

  • KA6a—Field Experience Report will be a Word document that summarizes one’s field experience for the class.
  • KA6b—School Board Report will be a Word document that presents one’s observations of a school board meeting.

  Your E-Portfolio Account at BGSU

  1. Access to your ePortfolio account will be a URL that includes your BG username:
    • Open a web browser and type in your URL in the address bar.
      • (Mac users use Safari as your web browser.)
  2. If you do not have an ePortfolio account, type the URL above and you will automatically be taken to a screen where you create account.
  3. You will be taken to a login screen that looks like your MyBGSU login. Complete authentication information and login.
  4. Once you are in your e-portfolio account, you will be prompted to create your Profile. To proceed, click on a link at the bottom: Click Here.
  5. Enter your profile information and Save Profile.
  6. Follow the instructions for uploading files from this point, to add your key assessment documents to your e-portfolio. In the future, simply go to your e-portfolio system by entering the URL (, click Login to authenticate and follow the uploading instructions to continue to add files to your e-portfolio.

Uploading Files

  1. In order to upload files you must be in the Control Center, which can be accessed anywhere in your eportfolio by clicking Control Center on the left side menu.
  2. Under Files, click Upload File.
  3. Enter file information.
    • Be sure to provide the key assessment code in the field for Course/Project
    • Click Browse to select the file from your hard drive or disk.
    • Click Upload File.
    • You will receive a message that the file was uploaded successfully.
    • When you click on Control Center, the file should appear in the Files.
  4. Students: Print out a copy of your Control Center screen to document the upload of your key assessment.


Finding Your Way in Your E-Portfolio

  • The BGSU E-Portfolio has a built in Help area that will assist you in learning how to accomplish tasks in the system. Click (?) Help.
  • Once in the Help Screens list, you can select the type of tasks you are interested in completing.


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