MACIE Theses

MACIE Thesis

As one way to complete the MACIE program, some students choose Plan I, to write a Master's thesis. The titles below provide examples of theses from students who started the program in 2006 to those most recently graduated.

  • These theses can be found on OhioLINK.

2020 Graduates:

Alibekova, V. (2020). The Role of Parental Support and Parental Educational Aspirations in Academic Achievement among Ethnically Diverse Adolescents. Dr. Margaret Booth (Advisor)

Ark, A. (2020). EPIK Expectations: How Experiences and Cultural Aspects Impact Female English Teachers in South Korea. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)

Benson, K. (2020). Low-Level English as a New Language: Latino Adults' Perceptions Involving Their Learning and Teaching. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)
Fultz, A. (2020). Perspectives on Collaboration of Elementary Classroom Teachers and ESL Teachers. Dr. Christy Galletta-Horner (Advisor)
Justice, A. (2020). Exploring The NCATE Diversity Standard Accreditation Through A Multicultural Education Lens: A Case Study Of A Midwestern University. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)
Khasanova, F. (2020). The Role of the EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan in Syrian Refugees' Educational Integration into Turkish Society: A Qualitative Case-Study of Policy Implementation. Dr.  Bruce Collet (Advisor)
Kosnak, M. (2020). 'Building the Plane While Flying It': Forced Migration and Education Policy Responses in a Midwestern, Metropolitan Elementary School. Dr. Christopher J. Frey (Advisor)
Lenze, T. (2020). Student Sugar Dating: Sugar Babies' Perceptions of Their Decisions to Begin, Continue, or Desist. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)
Sharpless, B. (2020). Secondary Educators' Perceptions Of Teaching And Schooling Adolescent Students with Limited, Interrupted, or No Formal Education. Dr. Christy Galletta Horner (Advisor)
Wasike, L. (2020). Actual Progress or Stagnation? Exploring the State of Women's Education in Western Kenya. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

2019 Graduates:

Heineken, S. (2019). German Teacher Candidates' Perceptions of Their Roles in the Lives of Syrian Refugee Students in Dresden. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

2018 Graduates: 

Kitiabi, D. B. (2018). Second Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context: International Students' Perspectives of the Evolution of their `Second Language Self'. Dr. Sherri Horner (Advisor)

2017 Graduates:

Aburahma, W. (2017). History Textbooks in Conflict: Security, Nation-Building and Liberating Curriculum. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Chinkondenji, P. (2017). Gender Inequalities, International Organizations, and Human Rights Education in Malawi. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Pitcher, D. (2017). "What do you want to be?": Teacher and Parent Perspectives on Latino/a Middle School Students' Social Interactions and Academic Success. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Kujjo, K. C. (2017). Invisible Scholars: Racialized Students from Immigrant Backgrounds in Honors Programs.  Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Reddell, A. (2017). Assessing the Impact of Educational Attainment on Development Outcomes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Dr. Sherri Horner (Advisor)

Schmitt, A. (2017). The Impact of Summer Programs on the English Language Scores of Migrant Children in Northwest Ohio. Dr. Sherri Horner (Advisor)

2016 Graduates:

Boggs, C. F. (2016). Where do we go from here? The impact of immigration on the educational pathway of Sri Lankan women growing up in Italy. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Morshed, M. N. (2016). Quality education in Bangladesh: Leadership roles of school heads and teachers to integrate technology in secondary school classrooms. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

2015 Graduates: 

Batterton, J. (2015). Contextual Identities: Ethnic, National, and Cosmopolitan Identities in International and American Student Roommates. Dr. Sherri Horner (Advisor)

Bunner, K. E. (2015). A Global Snapshot of Sexual Health Education: Insights from International Students at BGSU. Dr. Sherri Horner (Advisor)

Chen, M. (2015). Exploring East Asian Undergraduate Students' Perception about the Effectiveness of Their Preparation for Study Abroad for Academic Success in U.S. Universities. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)

Dogan, D. (2015). The Erasmus Programme in the Internationalization of Turkish Higher Education. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Popp, W. A. (2015). Educators and Students: Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Team Members' Informal Education Experiences. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

2014 Graduates: 

Bardo, N. W. (2014). Harmony or Hegemony? Chinese Citizen Perceptions of the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations of 1989, Taiwan Independence, and Tibetan Sovereignty. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)

Bubalo, R. A. (2014). Sociocultural Aspects of Learning English as a Third Language: Perspectives of Female Minority Students. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Dahir, N. S. (2014). Stress Regulation and its Impact on Inhibitory Gating: Cross-Cultural Analysis. Dr. Sara Abercrombie (Advisor)

Erickson, B. T. (2014). Discerning Identity: A Grounded Theory of International Muslim and Former Muslim Students' Shifts in Religious and Cultural Identity at Two Midwestern Universities. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Hoff, M. (2014). Ethnic Identity and Accent: Exploring Phonological Acquisition for International Students from China. Dr. Sara Abercrombie (Advisor)

Hoominfar, E. (2014). Challenges in Monolingual Education. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Hughes, G. S. (2014). Identity Formation of Foreign Residents: A Study of Individuals in Middle to Late Adulthood in Hokkaido, Japan. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Martin, S. L. (2014). A Gentle Unfolding: The Lived Experiences of Women Healers in South-Central Indiana. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

2013 Graduates:

Booher, L. E. (2013). From Burma to Dallas: The Experience of Resettled Emerging Adult Karen Refugees. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)

Lambert, E. L. (2013). Building Social Self-Efficacy: Investigating How Refugee Adolescents Cultivate School Readiness Through a Summer Youth Readiness Program. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Macías, L. F. (2013). Separated by Removal: Impact of Parental Deportation on U.S. Citizen Children's Post-Secondary Educational Goals. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Mayne, D. (2013). Malagasy Immigrant Experiences: How Perceptions of the American Dream Influence Acculturation to the United States. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)

Murphy, A. C. (2013). Perpetuating Nationalist Mythos? Portrayals of Eighteenth Century Ireland in Twentieth Century Irish Secondary School Textbooks. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Orosz-Dellinger, S. A. (2013). Exploring Social Identity and the Acculturation Process of Venezuelan Undergraduate Students at a Midwestern U.S. University. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

2012 Graduates: 

Adeyeri, O. S. (2012). Intrinsic Motivation and Human Agency of Faculty Engaged in Service-Learning: A Qualitative Interpretive Study of a U.S. Mid-Western Public University. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Dempsey, A. (2012). Cross-cultural Interactions of Chinese Graduate Students at a Midsized U.S. University. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Lamont, S. (2012). Deconstructing the Dichotomy: Muslim American University Students' Perceptions of Islam and Democracy. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Loibl, M. (2012). Predominant Patterns of Parental Authority among Amish Communities. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Sipes, A. (2012). Reconstructing Identity: Sociocultural and Psychological Factors Affecting U.S. College Students' Reentry Adjustment after Studying Abroad in Africa. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Webb, K. S. (2012). Exploration Through Visual Art: Ego-Identity Development Among Hispanic American Adolescents. Dr. Hyeyoung Bang (Advisor)

2011 Graduates:

Bartimole, J. (2011). Finding a Niche: Exploring Ethnic Identity Among Migrant Adolescents in Northwest Ohio. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)

Hatch, J. P. (2011). Fitting in: Exploring the experiences of middle school students' transition into an elite international boarding school. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Kone, A. (2011). Becoming a Person: Consequences and Contradictions of Domestic Servitude in Mali. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

MacKenzie, B. R. (2011). Designing the Part: Drama and Cultural Identity Development Among Ghanaian Teenagers. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Pacheco, L. (2011). Exploring the Education Experiences of Sudanese Refugee Women Living in the United States. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)

2010 Graduates:

Bi, H. (2010). Chinese Graduate Students' Attitudes toward Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: An Acculturation Approach. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Ford, S. M. (2010). Public Education and Alaska Natives: A Case Study of Educational Policy Implementation and Local Context. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Huang, S. (2010). The Facilitative Role of a Community-Based Non-Profit Organization in First-Year International Graduate Students' Sociocultural Adjustment in a Midwestern University. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Issah, M. (2010). Communication of Organizational Values to Staff through Non-Formal Educational Activities: The Case of Not-For-Profit Organizations. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Zhou, Y. (2010). Understanding of International Graduate Students' Academic Adaptation to a U.S. Graduate School. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

2009 Graduates:

Buetikofer, E. J. (2009). Bending Bamboo: Moral Education in a Non-Traditional Setting in Vietnam. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Burley, M. E. (2009). Education for All?: Girls' Access and Retention in Guatemalan Primary Schools. Dr. Bruce Collet (Advisor)

Major, A. Y. (2009). Social Constructionism, Parental Ethnotheories, and Sex Education: Exploring Values and Belief Systems in a Mexican/ Mexican-American Population. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)

Pippin, J. D. (2009). Education on the Edge of Empire: Chinese Teachers' Perceptions of Development and Education in Xinjiang, China. Dr. Christopher Frey (Advisor)

Yang, L. (2009). Speech Act of Request: A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Graduate Students at an American University. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Zychowicz, M. S. (2009). Cultural Discontinuities: Insights into Latino Educational Values in a Latino Community in the U.S. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

2008 Graduates: 

Collins-Warfield, A. E. (2008). "Ubuntu" - Philosophy and Practice: An Examination of Xhosa Teachers' Psychological Sense of Community in Langa, South Africa. Dr. Patricia Kubow (Advisor)

Nieto, C. P. (2008). Cultural Competence and its Influence on the Teaching and Learning of International Students. Dr. Margaret Z. Booth (Advisor)