MACIE Theses

As one way to complete the MACIE program, some students choose to write a Master's thesis. The below links and titles provide examples of student theses from 2006 to present:

2017 Graduates:

Chinkondenji, P. (2017). Gender Inequalities, International Organizations, and Human Rights Education in Malawi. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Pitcher, D. (2017). "What do you want to be?": Teacher and Parent Perspectives on Latino/a Middle School Students' Social Interactions and Academic Success. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey.

Reddell, A. (2017). Assessing the Impact of Educational Attainment on Development Outcomes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Advisor: Dr. Sherri Horner

Schmitt, A. (2017). The Impact of Summer Programs on the English Language Scores of Migrant Children in Northwest Ohio. Advisor: Dr. Sherri Horner

2016 Graduates:

Boggs, C. F. (2016). Where do we go from here? The impact of immigration on the educational pathway of Sri Lankan women growing up in Italy. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Morshed, M. N. (2016). Quality education in Bangladesh: Leadership roles of school heads and teachers to integrate technology in secondary school classrooms. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

2015 Graduates: 

Batterton, J. (2015). Contextual Identities: Ethnic, National, and Cosmopolitan Identities in International and American Student Roommates. Advisor: Dr. Sherri Horner

Bunner, K. E. (2015). A Global Snapshot of Sexual Health Education: Insights from International Students at BGSU. Advisor: Dr. Sherri Horner

Chen, M. (2015). Exploring East Asian Undergraduate Students' Perception about the Effectiveness of Their Preparation for Study Abroad for Academic Success in U.S. Universities. Advisor: Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

Dogan, D. (2015). The Erasmus Programme in the Internationalization of Turkish Higher Education. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Popp, W. A. (2015). Educators and Students: Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Team Members' Informal Education Experiences. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

2014 Graduates: 

Bardo, N. W. (2014). Harmony or Hegemony? Chinese Citizen Perceptions of the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations of 1989, Taiwan Independence, and Tibetan Sovereignty. Advisor: Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

Bubalo, R. A. (2014). Sociocultural Aspects of Learning English as a Third Language: Perspectives of Female Minority Students. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Dahir, N. S. (2014). Stress Regulation and its Impact on Inhibitory Gating: Cross-Cultural Analysis. Advisor: Dr. Sara Abercrombie

Erickson, B. T. (2014). Discerning Identity: A Grounded Theory of International Muslim and Former Muslim Students' Shifts in Religious and Cultural Identity at Two Midwestern Universities. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Hoff, M. (2014). Ethnic Identity and Accent: Exploring Phonological Acquisition for International Students from China. Advisor: Dr. Sara Abercrombie

Hoominfar, E. (2014). Challenges in Monolingual Education. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Hughes, G. S. (2014). Identity Formation of Foreign Residents: A Study of Individuals in Middle to Late Adulthood in Hokkaido, Japan. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Martin, S. L. (2014). A Gentle Unfolding: The Lived Experiences of Women Healers in South-Central Indiana. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

2013 Graduates:

Booher, L. E. (2013). From Burma to Dallas: The Experience of Resettled Emerging Adult Karen Refugees. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

Lambert, E. L. (2013). Building Social Self-Efficacy: Investigating How Refugee Adolescents Cultivate School Readiness Through a Summer Youth Readiness Program. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Macías, L. F. (2013). Separated by Removal: Impact of Parental Deportation on U.S. Citizen Children's Post-Secondary Educational Goals. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Mayne, D. (2013). Malagasy Immigrant Experiences: How Perceptions of the American Dream Influence Acculturation to the United States. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

Murphy, A. C. (2013). Perpetuating Nationalist Mythos? Portrayals of Eighteenth Century Ireland in Twentieth Century Irish Secondary School Textbooks. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Orosz-Dellinger, S. A. (2013). Exploring Social Identity and the Acculturation Process of Venezuelan Undergraduate Students at a Midwestern U.S. University. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

2012 Graduates: 

Adeyeri, O. S. (2012). Intrinsic Motivation and Human Agency of Faculty Engaged in Service-Learning: A Qualitative Interpretive Study of a U.S. Mid-Western Public University. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Dempsey, A. (2012). Cross-cultural Interactions of Chinese Graduate Students at a Midsized U.S. University. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Lamont, S. (2012). Deconstructing the Dichotomy: Muslim American University Students' Perceptions of Islam and Democracy. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet  

Loibl, M. (2012). Predominant Patterns of Parental Authority among Amish Communities. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Sipes, A. (2012). Reconstructing Identity: Sociocultural and Psychological Factors Affecting U.S. College Students' Reentry Adjustment after Studying Abroad in Africa. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Webb, K. S. (2012). Exploration Through Visual Art: Ego-Identity Development Among Hispanic American Adolescents. Advisor: Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

2011 Graduates:

Bartimole, J. (2011). Finding a Niche: Exploring Ethnic Identity Among Migrant Adolescents in Northwest Ohio. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

Hatch, J. P. (2011). Fitting in: Exploring the experiences of middle school students' transition into an elite international boarding school. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey  

Kone, A. (2011). Becoming a Person: Consequences and Contradictions of Domestic Servitude in Mali. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

MacKenzie, B. R. (2011). Designing the Part: Drama and Cultural Identity Development Among Ghanaian Teenagers. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Pacheco, L. (2011). Exploring the Education Experiences of Sudanese Refugee Women Living in the United States. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

2010 Graduates:

Bi, H. (2010). Chinese Graduate Students' Attitudes toward Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: An Acculturation Approach. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Ford, S. M. (2010). Public Education and Alaska Natives: A Case Study of Educational Policy Implementation and Local Context. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Huang, S. (2010). The Facilitative Role of a Community-Based Non-Profit Organization in First-Year International Graduate Students' Sociocultural Adjustment in a Midwestern University. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Issah, M. (2010). Communication of Organizational Values to Staff through Non-Formal Educational Activities: The Case of Not-For-Profit Organizations. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Zhou, Y. (2010). Understanding of International Graduate Students' Academic Adaptation to a U.S. Graduate School. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

2009 Graduates:

Buetikofer, E. J. (2009). Bending Bamboo: Moral Education in a Non-Traditional Setting in Vietnam. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Burley, M. E. (2009). Education for All?: Girls' Access and Retention in Guatemalan Primary Schools. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Collet

Major, A. Y. (2009). Social Constructionism, Parental Ethnotheories, and Sex Education: Exploring Values and Belief Systems in a Mexican/ Mexican-American Population. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth

Pippin, J. D. (2009). Education on the Edge of Empire: Chinese Teachers' Perceptions of Development and Education in Xinjiang, China. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Frey

Yang, L. (2009). Speech Act of Request: A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Graduate Students at an American University. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Zychowicz, M. S. (2009). Cultural Discontinuities: Insights into Latino Educational Values in a Latino Community in the U.S. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

2008 Graduates: 

Collins-Warfield, A. E. (2008). "Ubuntu" - Philosophy and Practice: An Examination of Xhosa Teachers' Psychological Sense of Community in Langa, South Africa. Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kubow

Nieto, C. P. (2008). Cultural Competence and its Influence on the Teaching and Learning of International Students. Advisor: Dr. Margaret Z. Booth