MACIE Internships

Internship Overview

The internship is a required, culminating experience designed for students to apply their academic knowledge to the practice of educational development in a cross-cultural or international setting. This is a unique opportunity for students to learn about and participate in a cultural and professional environment different from their own.

This internship may take place in an international setting or in an under-served cultural population within the United States.  Potential internship sites include, but are not limited to: foreign schools or institutions of higher learning, overseas non-governmental organizations, non-formal educational extension work, American Indian reservations, migrant communities in the U.S, or social services institutions providing educational services. Professional internship activities may include any of the following: assisting in educational instruction such as tutoring and performing the duties associated with teaching assistantship, educational administrative duties, non-formal instruction or training in specialized programs, data collection and analysis, or the creation of public service educational programs. Please note that Coverdell Fellows (RPCVs) must complete the internship in the United States or its Territories.

Mentoring and Supervision of Interns:

Throughout the entire internship experience, each intern is registered for an on-line course EDFI 6890, Internship in Cross-Cultural Education for a minimum of three (3) credits.  This course is designed to provide support and guidance, in addition to facilitating professional development as students participate in their service-learning experiences. This on-line course is designed and managed by a BGSU/MACIE faculty member.


Questions? Contact MACIE Internship Coordinator 

Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

Selected MACIE Internship Sites:


BGSU Women's Center


BGSU Center for International Programs

Ohio Migrant Education Center

Great Lakes Consortium for International Training & Development

Camp Otterbein

Kids Unlimited


Global Connections


Community of Sudanese and American Women, Boulder, CO

Answer Camp, Alaska

Portland International School, Portland, OR

Bethel AK Curriculum Office

Catholic Charities, Dallas, TX


West African Senior High School, Adenta, Ghana

Woodstock School, India

Travel Teach, Vietnam

Schools, Universities and NGOs in South Africa, Costa Rica, Chile, India, China, Guatemala...