Stacy N. McGuire

Stacy McGuire

Stacy N. McGuire, Ph.D., BCBA

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-7312
  • Email:
  • Address: 422 Education


Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 2022

M.S. in Special Education from Illinois State University, 2015

B.M. in Music Education from Butler University, 2007

Brief Biography

Prior to joining the faculty at BGSU, Dr. Stacy McGuire was a general and special education teacher in North Carolina and Illinois. During her time in general and special education she enjoyed working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) and challenging behaviors. She integrated such students into their general education settings, helped all students benefit from their inclusion, and worked with their school-, community-, and home-based stakeholders to ensure academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success. This led her to become interested in helping educate other teachers on the best way to facilitate the social inclusion of children with EBD and challenging behavior.

Research Interests

Dr. McGuire’s research interests focus primarily on preparing teachers to support students who engage in challenging behavior and/or have EBD. This is divided into three main areas: first, how preservice and inservice teachers are prepared to use behavior management strategies to support students with challenging behavior and EBD; second, how teachers are prepared to socially include students with challenging behavior and EBD in inclusive settings; and third, the differences in cultural understandings of behavior and their implications for teacher training.


Adams, N. B. McGuire, S. N., Meadan, H., Martin, M. R, Terol, K., Haidar, B., & Fanta, A. (2021). Impact of challenging behavior on marginalized and minoritized caregivers of children with disabilities. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education.

McGuire, S. N., Folkerts, R., Meadan, H., Adams, N. B., Lee, J. D., & Kaza, M. (2021). Cross cultural caregiver perceptions of challenging behaviors and responses. Early Childhood Education Journal.

McGuire, S. N., & Meadan, H. (2022). Social inclusion of children with persistent challenging behaviors. Early Childhood Education Journal, 50(1), 61-69.

McGuire, S. N., & Meadan, H. (2022). General educators’ perceptions of social inclusion of elementary students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Behavioral Disorders.

Works in Progress

McGuire, S. N., & Meadan, H. (under review). Preservice teachers’ perspectives and use of behavior management strategies for students with challenging behavior.

McGuire, S. N., Meadan, H., Xia, Y. (under review). Behavior management training for newly graduated teachers: A randomized-controlled trial. 

McGuire, S. N., Xia, Y., Guzy, A., Akoto, T. S., & Meadan, H. (in preparation). Behavior management training for teachers in the induction phase. 

McGuire, S. N., Xia, Y., & Meadan, H. (in preparation). Confidence in implementing behavior management strategies: Comparing preservice teachers to novice teachers  

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