David Hampton

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David Hampton, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-6924
Email: hamptod@bgsu.edu
Address: 427 Education

B.A. Secondary Education, Social Studies from Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri
M.A. Special Education-Learning Disabilities from the University of Missouri
Ph.D. Special Education-Learning Disabilities from the University of Missouri

Research Interests
- Implementing and validating Curriculum-Based Measurement
- Dyslexia-self-esteem, reading interventions
- Quantitative Analyses

Professional Memberships and/or Licenses
- Council of Exceptional Children (CEC)-Member
- National Division of Learning Disabilities-CEC-Ethics, Standards, & Professional Development Committee-Member
- Council for Learning Disabilities- Membership Committee-member
- National Division of Research - CEC
- National Teacher Education Division - CEC
- National Division of Educational Diagnostician - CEC


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