Dr. Jared Rose receives prestigious state award


By Shay Carroll

Dr. Jared Rose has been volunteering since he was 16, and he hasn’t stopped since. In fact, this year, Rose received the Professional Leadership Award, presented to him by the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA) in recognition of his work with helping often marginalized individuals.

The OCA is a state division that represents all licensed counselors as well as those in training to become counselors, and most professional counselors belong to this organization. The OCA’s Professional Leadership Award, given to an individual of the practice at an annual conference, is meant to recognize and honor a person who, through their vision, leadership and concern for others in the profession has strengthened, expanded and enhanced the counseling profession within Ohio.  

Rose started at BGSU as an adjunct for the College of Education and Human Development, and after a year, applied for a permanent position following an opening. Rose has currently been at BGSU for four years now.

“I wanted to be at BGSU because of the community focus,” Rose explained. “There’s such a strong sense of togetherness here, and I applied for the position because I feel like our missions align.”

In addition to the work he has done at BGSU, Rose has been in several leadership positions, some of which include the president elect for the Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling, ethics liaison for the Ohio Counseling Association, co-chair for the Lucas Country Human Trafficking Coalition and a member of the Board of Directors for Advocating Opportunity. 

The basis of Rose’s research and work is centered around disenfranchised and disenchanted individuals – specifically, LGBQ and trans people, people living with HIV and victims of human trafficking.

“All these groups are intrinsically interwoven with each other,” Rose said. “LGBQ and trans people are seriously affected by HIV and trafficking, and it’s a problem many people in the profession don’t give enough attention to.”

Rose focuses on representing marginalized groups most professionals don’t want to take, and he is pushing for a platform to draw more attention to LGBQ and trans people and the struggles they face. To help make more of a difference, Rose has been pushing to get counselors out of the office and into more advocating. In the process, Rose has become a spokesperson for the people he represents as he is both a vocal and passionate advocate.

However, there are definitely difficulties that come with being a vocal advocate of a public message. Especially in today’s world, advocating an effective message within a tense political balance can be a delicate situation.  

Still, Rose has been working improve his speaking skills to better represent a voice for others. 

“We need to use our education and experience to help others who haven’t had the same opportunities,” Rose said. “We have the privilege being in school, and it’s a shame if we don’t take advantage of that and use it to help make a difference.”