Leadership Courses

Foundations of Leadership

LEAD 1000 | 3 credits
No prerequisites | Valid 1910 course
Required course for Falcon Leadership Institute

  • Examine leadership theories and frameworks
  • Explore the elements of individual leadership and how they relate to group and team leadership
  • Develop effective leadership skills that transfer to organization and society interactions
Leadership and Service

LEAD 2010 | 3 credits
No prerequisites

  • Examine leadership theories and frameworks as they relate to service, servant leadership and the social change model        of leadership development
  • Implement the concepts you learn to plan and execute a community service project
  • Build knowledge and skills for service, community and team initiatives

“Leadership education has helped me understand the importance of establishing a common vision, and has given me the knowledge and skills to lead a team working toward accomplishing this vision.”

Eric Minus, junior
Computer Science major
2018 Orientation Team Leader

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