Program Description

Bowling Green State University's Tourism, Leisure, & Event Planning (TLEP) program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT). This major involves a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that critically examines the tourism, leisure, and event planning culture. Our commitment is to make positive changes in the way tourism, leisure, and event services are managed.

The major involves two components: 1) core courses taken by all Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning majors; and 2) areas of concentrations (recommended minors) which provide opportunities for students to focus on a particular career interest. 

Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning Core Courses

  • TLEP 1900 Recreation Leadership
  • TLEP 2100 Major Concepts in Recreation
  • TLEP 2150 Intro to Tourism & Event Planning Event & Program Planning in Tourism
  • TLEP 3250 Convention, Meeting, and Resort Administration OR TLEP 3840 Organization & Administration of Leisure
  • TLEP 3860 Internship Preparation
  • TLEP 3870 Practicum
  • TLEP 4150 Evaluation & Assessment
  • TLEP 4830 Recreation Areas & Facilities
  • TLEP 4840 Contemporary Issues in Tourism
  • TLEP 4870 Practicum
  • TLEP 4880 Internship

Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning Interdisciplinary Core Courses

  • TLEP 2600 Leisure Services Older Adult
  • TLEP 3850 Recreation Programming
  • LEGS 4500 Hospitality Law OR SM 3900 Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation
  • MGMT 3050 Principles of Marketing
  • CS 1000 Computer Basics OR MIS 2000 Management Information Systems
  • ECON 2000 OR 2020 OR 2030

Note: If, after completion of TLEP requirements and the minor requirements a student has not met the 122 required hours, they must meet with their academic advisor to determine appropriate classes to reach the required 122 hours.

Fall 2018 Checksheet