Program Description

Bowling Green State University's Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management (THEM) program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT). This major involves a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that critically examines the tourism, hospitality, & event management culture. Our commitment is to make positive changes in the way tourism, hospitality, & event management services are managed.

The major involves two components: 1) core courses taken by all Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management majors; and 2) areas of concentrations (recommended minors) which provide opportunities for students to focus on a particular career interest. 

Tourism, Hospitality, and Event ManagementTourism, Hospitality, & Event Management Core Courses

  • THEM 1900 Recreation Leadership
  • THEM 2100 Major Concepts in Recreation
  • THEM 2150 Intro to Tourism & Event Planning Event & Program Planning in Tourism
  • THEM 3250 Convention, Meeting, and Resort Administration OR THEM 3840 Organization & Administration of Leisure
  • THEM 3860 Internship Preparation
  • THEM 3870 Practicum
  • THEM 4150 Evaluation & Assessment
  • THEM 4830 Recreation Areas & Facilities
  • THEM 4840 Contemporary Issues in Tourism
  • THEM 4870 Practicum
  • THEM 4880 Internship

Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management Interdisciplinary Core Courses

  • THEM 2600 Leisure Services Older Adult
  • THEM 3850 Recreation Programming
  • LEGS 4500 Hospitality Law OR SM 3900 Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation
  • MGMT 3050 Principles of Marketing
  • CS 1000 Computer Basics OR MIS 2000 Management Information Systems
  • ECON 2000 OR 2020 OR 2030

Note: If, after completion of THEM requirements and the minor requirements a student has not met the 122 required hours, they must meet with their academic advisor to determine appropriate classes to reach the required 122 hours.

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