Hyungsuk Choo, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7862
Email: hchoo@bgsu.edu
Address: 113 Eppler South

B.S., In-Ha University
M.S., Purdue University
Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Research Interests:
Tourism and Event/Festival Marketing
Sustainable forms of Marketing for Tourism/Festival/Event

Courses Taught:
Undergraduate: Introduction to Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management; Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality;Tourism and Hospitality Facilities


Travis Heggie, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-2395
Email: theggie@bgsu.edu
Address: 112 Eppler South

B.S., University of Hawaii at Hilo
M.S., Texas A&M University
Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Current Research Interests:
Dr. Travis Heggie is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (Faculty of Travel Medicine) and is the Chair of the Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Specialty Group in the International Society of Travel Medicine.  He is the former Public Risk Management Specialist & Tort Claims Officer for the U.S. National Park Service and is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Travel Medicine, Travel Medicine & Infectious Disease, and the International Journal of Travel Medicine & Global Health.  Dr. Heggie’s area of specialization is in Travel & Wilderness Medicine as it applies to the health, safety, and legal aspects of the travel, tourism, outdoor recreation, leisure, adventure sport, and hospitality fields.  He is presently conducting research projects in East Africa, Southern Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Bob Lee

Bob Lee, Ph.D.

Position: Professor/ THEM Program Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-2396
Email: bdlee@bgsu.edu
Address: 212 Eppler North

B.A. Henan University
M.S. Clemson University
Ph.D. Penn. State University

Research Interests:
Older Travelers
Health Tourism
China’s  Tourism Development
Community Event Planning
Family Recreation
Leisure and Health
Older Adults and Information Technologies. 

Courses Taught:
Undergraduate: Leisure & Tourism Services for Older Adults; Event & Programming; Organization and Administration of Leisure Services; Travel and Tourism Planning Strategy; Convention and Resort Administration; Computer Applications in Park, Recreation, and Tourism Management; Evaluation of Recreation administration.

Graduate: Research Methods; Interpretation Quantitative Research; Policy Development for Travel and Tourism Agencies.

Philip Xie

Philip Xie, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-6917
Email: pxie@bgsu.edu
Address: 111 Eppler South

M.A., University of Waterloo, Canada
Ph.D., University of Waterloo, Canada

Research Interests:
Cultural Heritage Tourism
Aboriginal Tourism
Event Planning
Morphology of Tourism

Courses Taught:
Graduate: Contemporary Issues of Tourism, Introduction to Event and Program Planning, Convention and Meeting Management