Dance Repertory Ensemble

 DRE, the performance ensemble of the Dance Program of the School of HMSLS, is the culminating performance opportunity for dance majors and minors. A key aspect of the company involves the performance of modern dance works in order to practice technique, understand compositional structure, and engage in creative activity. Via the DRE entity, students also participate in the ongoing advocacy of dance by taking their performances to the public. They participate in and host concert productions and service activities at the local and regional level. Investigations into world movement traditions allow students to experience kinesthetic, social, and cultural resonances of non-Western cultures, informing an overall understanding of the art of dance and its communicative values.

The DRE experience models membership in a professional dance company and provides opportunities in performance, choreography, and production. DRE members agree to a year-long commitment to all company activities. Auditions for DRE are generally held at the end of the Spring semester. Members receive course credit by registering for DANC 2240 or DANC 4220, Dance Repertory I or II.

For more information regarding DRE contact Colleen Murphy at


Perpetual Motion PosterJanuary 18-19 Perpetual Motion dance concert, featuring choreography by Dance Program faculty, guest alumni choreographer, Jane Weiner, as well as guest choreographer, Tammy Starr, and featured student choreographers. January 18 at 8:00 p.m., January 19 at 8:00 p.m., Wolfe Center - Donnell Theatre.

February 20-23 American College Dance Festival, Dance Program faculty and Dance majors and minors will attend the conference at Oakland University, MI.

April 12-13 University Dance Alliance Spring Showcase, student choreography & performance, 8 PM Whitney Dance Studio, 222 Eppler North. $ Info:

April 25-26 Footlights Dance Concert, featuring faculty choreography, dance technique class showings, and select student works, Whitney Dance Studio, 222 Eppler North. $

For information regarding DRE activities contact Colleen Murphy at, unless otherwise noted.


DRE is available to perform 30-minute lecture demonstrations in schools and after-school programs. For more information about availability and fees, contact Colleen Murphy, DRE's current educational performance features modern dance and tap.