Sungho Cho

Phone: 419-372-6902
Email: scho@bgsu.edu

J.D. Arizona State University;   Ph.D., University of Connecticut

  • Incorporation of social science methodology in legal paradigm
  • Application of legal methodologies in social science research
  • Use of consumer survey data in trademark litigation
  • Antitrust context and unfair trade practice implications in sport business
  • Legal implications in sport brand management

Vikki Krane, Ph.D.

Phone: 419-372-7233
Email: vkrane@bgsu.edu

B.A., Denison University; M.S., University of Arizona; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Feminist sport psychology
  • Gender, sexuality & sport

Matt Kutz

Phone: 419-372-5917
Email: mkutz@bgsu.edu

B.A., Anderson University; M.S., University of Toledo; M.Ed., University of Toledo; Ph.D., Lynn University

  • Leadership competencies
  • Novice and Expert Behaviors
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Clinical Education in Athletic Training
  • Performance Enhancement Techniques

J. Lucy Lee

Phone: 419-372-2879
Email: jielee@bgsu.edu

B.S., Seoul National University, M.A., Seoul National University, Ph.D. Florida State University

  • Sport & Service Marketing
  • Sport Branding-Brand Management in Sport Organizations
  • Financial Management in the Sport Industry
  • Research Methods and Statistics

Amanda Paule-Koba

Phone: 419-372-0215
Email: apaule@bgsu.edu

B.S., M.S., Miami University; Ph.D., Michigan State University

  • Gender and intercollegiate sport
  • Title IX
  • Issues in intercollegiate athletics (academic clustering, Division I recruitment process)
  • Sociology of sport

Ray Schneider

Phone: 419-372-0215
Email: rayschn@bgsu.edu

B.S., M.S., Central Michigan University; Ph.D., Florida State University

  • Sport administration
  • Amateurism as defined by the NCAA
  • Sport facilities (e.g., usage, design, promotion, etc.)
  • Sport memorabilia

Nancy Spencer

Phone: 419-372-6927
Email: nspencr@bgsu.edu

B.A., Trinity University; M.A., Kent State University; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Celebrity narratives in professional women’s tennis
  • Socio-cultural aspects of sport
  • Sociology of sport

David Tobar

Phone: 419-372-6914
Email: dtobar@bgsu.edu

B.S., California State University-San Bernardino; M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Psychological changes associated with physical activity with an emphasis on over training
  • The role of personality in sport and exercise