Leisure & Tourism

The Master of Education program in Leisure and Tourism offers the opportunity to study tourism, hospitality and leisure behavior from a variety of natural and social science perspectives. 

The program allows students to address a wide range of practical issues related to tourism, hospitality, and event planning in the student-centered curriculumOur multidisciplinary graduate program offers unique collaborative research, theory, and practice opportunities related to tourism, hospitality and event experienced at the individual, societal, and cross-cultural levels, with concentrated studies in:students workingon study

  • Tourism management
  • Commercial recreation and tourism
  • Hospitality management and marketing
  • Community recreation
  • Event planning

Students work closely with their advisor in developing a focus of study, selecting courses, and deciding on a culminating experience. Upon completion, students will be prepared to take on research, academic, and upper-level administrative positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

This Specialization may be completed in two academic years. The minimum credit hours for completing the Leisure & Tourism Specialization are: Plan I: Thesis, 30 credit hours; Plan II: Project or comprehensive exam, 33 credit hours

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Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning

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