Mary Ann Roberton Outstanding Master's Thesis & Directed Project Awards


This award has been established in honor of Mary Ann Roberton, the Director of the School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies from 1992 to 1999.

To be eligible for this award, the student must be nominated by a faculty member during the fall. After being nominated, the faculty member will supply a copy of the student's thesis or directed project to the graduate coordinator and the selection committee. This thesis or directed project must be of superior work in its area of concentration and will be judged on substantive and methodological quality, originality of thought, and clarity. Any student completing a Master's degree in the previous Fall, Spring, or Summer. The award consists of a plaque for the recipient and the name of the recipient being placed on a plaque permanently displayed in Eppler Center.

The winner of the MAR Thesis Award is also chosen to be represent the school as a nominee for the BGSU Distinguished Thesis Award.

How to Apply

Applications are reviewed every summer. If you graduated in the past year, please think about submitting your thesis or project for consideration. Faculty advisors, please encourage your students to put forward their work. Submissions (project and thesis) are to include :

  1. a copy of the thesis/project
  2. an abstract, not to exceed 300 words
  3. a letter of support from the advisor
  4. a one-page resume of the nominee

All submissions should be e-mailed to Dr. Jessica Kiss, at

2021: Rachel Walny (Dr. Todd Keylock)

2019: Sungjai Hong (Dr. Lucy Lee)

2018: Whitney Wolff (Dr. Adam Fullenkamp)

2017: Sarah Bowes (Dr. Bob Lee)

2015: Karen Arend (Dr. Nancy Spencer)

2014: Elizabeth Tutle (Dr. Amy Morgan)

2013: Danny Sierra (Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba)

2010 - Charlene Henry (Dr. Lynn Darby)

2009 - Tyler Masters (Dr. David Tobar)

2008 - Zi Yan (Dr. Bonnie Berger)

2007 - Jenny Fruth (Dr. Amy Morgan)

2004 - Brian Durbin (Dr. William Skelly, Dr. Lynn Darby)

2002 - Kerrie Kauer (Dr. Vikki Krane)

2001 - Shannon Baird (Dr. Vikki Krane)

2000 - Jennifer Marsh (Dr. Lynn Darby)

2021: Trey Naylor (Dr. Jessica Kiss)

2020: Lindsay Rausch (Dr. Jessica Kiss)

2019: Kristine Walker (Dr. Vikki Krane)

2018: Jordan Allen (Dr. David Tobar)   

2016: Alexandra Klein (Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba)

2015: Kaitlin Rohrs (Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba)

2014: Stephen Stein (Dr. Nancy Spencer)

2013: Nicole Defreitas (Dr. Bob Lee)

2012: Nicole Farr (Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba)

2011: Brittney Jarvie (Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba)

2010: Bryan Gasser (Dr. Nancy Spencer)

2009: Alicia Fodera (Dr. Jacquelyn Cuneen)

2008: Ashley Neading (Dr. Jacquelyn Cuneen)

2006: Jeff Hundley (Dr. David Stodden)

2004: Lisa Day (Dr. William Obenour)

2003: Tanja Ehl (Dr. Mary Ann Roberton) 

2002: Jacqueline Matuszak (Dr. Stephen Langendorfer)

2001: Tiffany Nagy (Dr. Janet Parks)

2000: Curtis Jung (Dr. Janet Parks)

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