Allocation of HMSLS Graduate Tuition Scholarships

The following procedures will be followed when awarding HMSLS tuition scholarship funding for graduate assistants:

  1. A HMSLS scholarship will pay for up to 2 courses from another program (i.e., courses that do not have the HMSL prefix). These courses must count as electives in the student’s degree program and be approved by the advisor­1 prior to registration.
  2. Non-residence fees (i.e., out-of-state fees) will be paid in the first year only. Out-of-state students will be expected to obtain Ohio residency by their second year or pay non-residence fees. International students are exempt from this requirement.
  3. A HMSLS scholarship will pay for up to 6 credit hours in a student’s 4th semester. If a student needs more than 6 hours in order to meet graduation requirements, she or he may request funding for up to an additional 3 credit hours.
  4. A HMSLS scholarship will pay for no more than 6 credit hours of HMSL 6990 Thesis Research in HMSL or 4 credit hours of HMSL 6910 Master’s Project in HMSL.
  5. If a student repeats a course, HMSLS will not fund it.

If there are extenuating circumstances, students may appeal2 to deviate from the above policy.

(approved by the Graduate Faculty, January 14, 2014)

1To request that additional courses outside of HMSLS be paid by the tuition scholarship, prior to registration students should submit to the Graduate Coordinator a program check sheet indicating where the course fits into the their course of study and that is signed by their advisor.

2To appeal to deviate from the above policy, students should submit to the Graduate Coordinator, a letter with the request and a rationale for it. The letter should be signed by the student and advisor.