Professional Travel and Research Funding Opportunities

University Funding

HMSLS Funding


Graduate Student Grant

Deadlines: October 1 or March 1
Funding Guidelines
  1. Graduate students may request grants to defray expenses associated with thesis research (HMSL 6990), Master’s projects (HMSL 6910), or travel to conferences.
  2. Grants may be requested for up to $250 for research expenses, up to $250 to attend conferences where students are presenting their own research or research with a faculty member, or up to $150 for travel to conferences where they are not presenting.
  3. Generally, students will receive funding only once per academic year. Should money still be available after the spring funding requests are allocated, student requests for additional funding will be considered.
  4. Students may apply to receive funding for travel or expenses that occurred at any time during the semester in which they submit the application. For example, if you presented at a conference prior to the deadline, you may apply for funding for your travel (as long as you are able to provide receipts for the expenses) at the next application due date.
  5. If a student’s study is part of a faculty member’s research project, the requested funds to defray only costs incurred by the student.
Disbursement of Funds
  1. Students will submit the application, prior to the deadline, to the Graduate Coordinator.
  2. The Funding Committee, composed of three graduate faculty members, will review requests and make recommendations on funding to the Graduate Coordinator.
  3. Students receiving funding for travel will submit reimbursement requests (including scanned receipts) on-line via Chrome River in their MyBGSU portal. Students should work with Amy Kolk (HMSLS secretary) for assistance in this process.
  4. Reimbursements cannot be processed after graduation. Only activities that take place prior to graduation and for which reimbursement requests are submitted before graduation can be approved.

Updated: 11/22/2021 12:16PM