Project Information

What  When (assuming full-time enrollment, beginning fall semester)
1. Choose a Topic2nd Semester

2. Select second reader

  • Work with your advisor to do so 
1st Summer or 3rd Semester

3. Develop project proposal

  • Review of related literature (minimum of 20-30 pages)
  • Outline of the project
  • Timeline for completion
1st Summer or 3rd Semester
4.  Committee review of proposal. Once approved, submit signed proposal title page to graduate coordinatorSubmit the signed title page to the graduate coordinator no later than the semester prior to graduation (deadline is the same date as the thesis topic approval deadline, usually early April, July, or December)
5.  If appropriate, obtain IRB approval
  • Plan at least 8 weeks from time of submission to approval
1st Summer or early 3rd Semester  
6. Create and complete the project, which will include:
  • A rationale connecting the project to the scholarly/professional literature (i.e., a review of literature)
  • A description of the project
  • The results of the project
  • An evaluation of the project outcomes
  • A personal reflection on the experience of conducting the project
4th Semester or 2nd Summer  
7.  Present project at HMSLS Project Poster Session
  • Develop poster presentation in PowerPoint (or similar program); Work with your advisor to do so
  • Have poster professionally printed on a single sheet
  • The quality of the poster will be considered in the final project grade
8. Upon completion of the project, submit a final draft to turnitin via Canvas to your advisor. Upon advisor approval, submit the following to the graduate coordinator:
  • Electronic, completed, error-free project to graduate coordinator (this will be uploaded to Scholarworks)
  • Self-reflection essay
  •  Self-evaluation form
  • Follow-up form
Throughout the process, pay close attention to all Graduate College Deadlines

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