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Exercise Science Checksheet

Study abroad experiences

Students are encouraged to take advantage of Bowling Green State University’s study abroad programs. This can be done to help satisfy some of your BG Perspective courses or courses within the major itself. Recent study abroad trips have included programs in London, Ireland, China and Australia.

Matriculation Requirements

Students who select to major in Exercise Science are considered ‘Pre-Exercise Science’ majors over the course of their first 3-4 semesters. During this time, students will need to achieve academic benchmarks in core courses that will help ensure successful completion of the major. With assistance of their faculty advisor, students will matriculate into the major following completing of their third or fourth semester.

Students must complete the following in order to matriculate into the major:

Overall GPA of 2.5
Completed a minimum of 45 credit hours
Completed and earned a minimum of a ‘C’ or better in the following courses:

  • UWP 1120
  • COMM 1020
  • EXSC 2270
  • BIOL 1040 or 2050
  • BIOL 3320
  • EXSC 2300
  • EXSC 3600
  • MATH 1150 or higher

Advising Documents and Information

Freshman entering Bowling Green State University and majoring in Exercise Science are advised through the College of Education and Human Development’s Student Academic Services office. After their freshman year, students are assigned a faculty advisor in the exercise science program and will work with them as they prepare for field experiences and graduation. Students in the major, past the freshman year, are also expected to attend group advising sessions in both the Fall and Spring semesters to guide course selection and to ensure timeliness in degree completion. Group advising sessions are led by exercise science faculty.

Bethany Delong

Bethany Delong

  • Position: Academic Advisor
  • Phone: (419) 372-3347
  • Email:
  • Address: 102 Education Building

Field Experiences

Contact: Please contact your faculty advisor


A: Students looking to secure an internship placement should check with their faculty advisor before contacting a potential site. Binders of previous sites are located in Eppler South for students looking for site ideas. However, students are able to contact sites that have not previously taken BGSU students. Students are encouraged to find sites that boast a positive learning environment.

A: For an Introductory Internship a supervisor should have at minimum a bachelors degree in Exercise Science or a closely related field. If you are unsure about a supervisor or a placement, please contact your faculty advisor.

For a Capstone Internship a supervisor should have at least a masters degree in Exercise Science or a closely related field. If you are unsure about a supervisor or a placement, please contact your faculty advisor.

A: An Introductory Internship is a minimum of 135 hours spread out evenly over the course of a semester (~9-10 hours per week) to maximize learning experiences. Students who schedule their Introductory Internships in the summer will complete their internship in a six weeks. 

A Capstone Internship is a minimum of 400 hours spread out over the course of a 15 week semester. Students who choose to complete the Capstone Internship over the summer will still complete a 15-week internship across both summer sessions.

A: We strongly advise against a Capstone Internship in physical therapy because of the liability against any hands-on activity with patients. Instead, we advise that students work with similar populations in different settings such as cardiac rehab. Students will gain hands-on experience in such environments while developing skills necessary to work in a clinical setting. However, in this case a Capstone Internship can be completed in any area of Exercise Science. Students are encouraged to discuss site placement with their faculty advisor.

A: Your Capstone Internship will be a 12-credit experience that is meant to mimic a full-time job. Most students work a full 24 hours per week at their sites. It is recommended that students do not take additional classes beyond their Capstone Internship.

A: Yes. Both internships are graded and count toward your overall GPA. The Introductory Internship is three credits and the Capstone Internship is 15 credits. There is also the option for an Intermediate Internship. Students who wish to explore this option must discuss it first with their faculty advisor. 

Criteria for grading will be shared with you in the two mandatory seminars that are part of your internships. Students completing internships at sites outside a 50-mile radius of Bowling Green are excused from attending the on campus meetings, but must regularly contact with their BGSU supervisor.

A: An internship is considered a class that you take for credit. It is much more involved than just observing or volunteering in your field of interest. Students work in conjunction with their BGSU supervisor to develop a capstone project to be completed during their internship. Most projects are  designed for students to use the skills they have acquired over the course of their degree and directly benefit the internship site. The university supervisor work closely with students throughout the project to meet short- and long-term goals. The project is part of an extensive portfolio that gets evaluated by the BGSU supervisor. In addition, students are required to write logs and provide feedback. Faculty supervisors make one site visit during the semester (within a two-hour driving area).

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