The world is their oyster, and these six outstanding AMPD students have proved they have what it takes to make the grade! Shelby Waag, Rachel Hodnett, Parker Gray Calvin, Nicole Rutschilling, Amanda Mutchler and Victoria Eddy have high GPA scores, secured apparel retail internships, proven leadership skills, academic honors achievements, community volunteering experience, and/or professional involvements that have made them worthy recipients of outstanding student awards. 

2017 Outstanding Senior: SHELBY WAAGShelby1

Year of BGSU graduation: May 2017

This 2017 Outstanding Senior is a level-headed, smart and focused student, who has combined academic excellence with work experiences and internships.

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Full name: RACHEL HODNETTRachel1

Year of BGSU graduation: December 2017

Rachel stresses the importance of the AMPD program in preparing her for the future, by teaching her the tools I need to be successful in the retail industry.

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Year of BGSU Graduation: December 2017

Parker Gray Calvin is waiting to exhale. He will graduate this December, but already has an impressive resume, having worked at the headquarters of Express in Columbus, and continuing with the company through his internship options.

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Year of BGSU Graduation: May 2018

Nicole Rutschilling arrived at Bowling Green from a smaller Ohio town for her undergrad studies in 2014. “At first, I used to feel strange that I don’t know everybody! In my hometown, only 70 students had graduated from school, so I knew everyone. It was such a change here,” she recalls. 

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Full name: AMANDA MUTCHLERAmanda

Year of BGSU graduation: 2017

At Ix Style, Amanda Mutchler’s main job was to draft and send product pitches to web and print magazines, potential vendors, and social media influencers.

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Full name: VICTORIA EDDY Vic

Year of BGSU graduation: May 2018

At Dillard's where she worked, Victoria was a consistent top seller in the junior clothing department; exceeding sales per hour (sph) goals.

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