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Broaden your horizons: FCS 4800 is a 3-credit hour course that may be used as an elective and/or as a substitute for BGSU International Perspective requirement. It is open to students from all majors. We partner with Santa’ Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy to customize learning experiences for students who participate in the class. Students have the option to participate in student-led research projects and/or practicum experiences.

Cultural Explorations in Italy 2018 is a fast-paced, 17-day adventure of 5 cities in Italy (Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence, Sorrento and Rome). The interdisciplinary experience is designed to foster student’s hands-on opportunities in service-learning, human/family development, education, business/marketing/design/fashion, and history/culture.
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Check out these photos from the 2017 Italy trip - as our students traveled to some breathtakingly beautiful Italian cities, they learned new things, enhanced their classroom knowledge with hands-on skills, and enjoyed their unique Italian experience in varied ways.  Students4

For more photos, follow the link below to our Facebook page:
Italy Study Tour 2017  




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