AMPD Career Day 2018


Do April snow showers bring May flowers? Well, that might well be debatable but what is far more incontrovertible is that the AMPD Career Day 2018 may well bring a shower of job/internship offers and valuable advice for students attending the event.
The exciting day started off with a welcome note by AMPD faculty Dr. Mariana Mitova, who is also the current graduate coordinator for the program. Dr. Dawn Shinew, Dean, College of Education and Human Development, noted in her speech what a wonderful opportunity Career Day accords students. She thanked the corporates who had taken time out of their busy schedules to attend the event. Dr. Deborah Wooldridge, Director, School of Family and Consumer Sciences, said, “What a great list of corporates attending this event today! We are very thankful that you choose to support our students.” She acknowledged the invaluable support provided to the school by student ambassadors, faculty, FIT and NRFSA program student leaders and also those students who had travelled to New York this year. As each group stood up, the room resounded with the thunderous applause they received.

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Keynote address
It was then over to the keynote speaker of the day Todd Taylor, the President of MARKT, to share his experiences and offer advice to students as they embark on their professional journeys—through internship opportunities and/or job placements. Taylor, who graduated from BGSU with an AMPD major and marketing minor in 2003, offered insights into how students should negotiate the challenges of establishing a career for themselves. Read the full keynote address .

Roundtable session CD2
Following a short break, roundtable sessions were organized for students to interact with the corporates visiting the event. The companies that attended were Justice, Tween Brands, Abercrombie & Fitch, Brighton Collectibles, Clothes Mentor, Buckle, Lane Bryant, White Barn Candle Co., Express, Zulily, Dress Barn, Kate Spade and, of course, MARKT.

Panel Discussion

The lively panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Diane Frey, was the perfect way to address the many questions that AMPD students have as they prepare to embark on their careers.IMG 1706The panelists were Lauren Lorenzen, associate buyer, Lane Bryant; Linda Shandle, associate VP, White Barn Candle Co.; Nicholas Busch, senior specialist, strategic initiatives, Express; Alyssa Bell, associate buyer, beauty and wellness, Zulily; and Sarah Clay, visual merchandiser, Kate Spade.   

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