Q&A with Krista Sturdevant

Krista Sturdevant

Krista Sturdevant,

Academic Advisor, Inclusive Early Childhood

College of Education and Human Development

Alma Mater: University of Toledo, M.A. in Counselor Education, 2012.

Years at BGSU- This will be my second year at BGSU

My name is Krista Sturdevant, and I’m an academic advisor in the College of Education and Human Development at BGSU. I hold licensure in AYA Integrated Language Arts as well as in Pupil Services (School Counseling). I enjoy working with students who want to teach and my two year old refers to my job as “helping my big kids.”

Q&A with Krista Sturdevant

What is your greatest achievement so far? 

Being a mom! I know everyone says that but truly, my daughter lights up my world. She motivates me and inspires me daily.

Why did you decide to become an academic advisor?

I went into school counseling and ended up applying for a job as an academic advisor after graduation. I love working with students on their journey from student to professional.

What is your favorite part about being an academic advisor?

I love working with students. Their passion and excitement for learning is wonderful to be around.

What advice would you give students as they prepare for their post-graduation lives?

Be flexible and open to new paths. You never know where you might end up. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would be an academic advisor I would have told you no. Being open to new opportunities lead me to right where I am supposed to be.

What is the worst mistake a student can make during the first part of the semester? 

Not asking for help. We have so many resources available through our office and others. We are here to help and want to see everyone succeed.

What can students do during their freshman year to help them adjust to the stress of college life?

Get involved. Join a group that reflects your interest and have an outlet to relieve stress that is outside of classes. Self-care is so very important.

How can a student utilize their academic advisor
during the semester? 

I’m here to HELP!! I’m just an email away. If you have questions or concerns get in touch with me. I may not be able to make the decision for you, but I can give you the tools and resources to help you make an informed choice.  

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student that you would like younger generations to know? 

Celebrate the little victories. Give yourself kudos when you get to the end of a semester. Acknowledge when you do GREAT work. The degree is the end goal, but there are so many things you will accomplish on the way there. Take the time to celebrate the victories along the way.


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