International Internships

In our increasingly interconnected world, faculty members and practitioners must understand how different countries approach higher education and student affairs.  We partner with universities in countries such as China, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to offer one- to two-month summer internships for CSP and HIED students.  Students collaborate with HESA faculty and our partners abroad to customize the internship. 

Summer 2018 Internships

Each year, different internships are offered based on the needs and interests of our partners abroad.  Learn more about the Summer 2018 internship opportunities by clicking on the names of the institutions below.  There is no guarantee that the following internships will be offered in Summer 2019.

Keele University (United Kingdom)

NYU Shanghai (China)

Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

University of the Western Cape (South Africa)


CSP students, HIED students, and higher education professionals interested in partnering with BGSU should contact:

Christina J. Lunceford, Ph.D.