International Opportunities

The core values of BGSU call upon us to foster a culture that embaces diversity and inclusion and to collaborate with community partners in a global context.  Similarly, in the Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs, we appreciate the cultural legacy of every person, for it contributes to the fabric of a global community.

Our department prioritizes offering a global education by offering the following opportunities to CSP and HIED students:

ESA Study Abroad StudentsHESA Study Abroad Courses

Each summer, we deliver short-term study abroad programs to locations such as South Africa, New Zealand, the  United Kingdom, Ireland, and Luxembourg.  The primary aim of the study tours, which are often two to three weeks in length, is to examine higher education and student affairs in different cultural contexts.

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International Internships

We partner with institutions of higher education in countries such as China, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to offer one- to two-month summer internships for CSP and HIED students.  The internships are customized to align with students' strengths and interests and the needs of the host institution.

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PeaceCorpsPeace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

To symbolize the extent to which we value the experiences of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Peace Corps.  RPCVs who are interested in a career in higher education and/or student affairs are eligible for a 100% tuition scholarship.

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Global Understanding Requirement (Ph.D. Program)

All students in the Higher Education Administration Ph.D. program must complete the Global Understanding Requirement.  Students work with their academic advisors to develop a plan to demonstrate an understanding of how other cultures impact postsecondary institutions of higher education.

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