Janice Gerda

American University in Bulgaria  
Janice J. Gerda

The Adventure Begins...
I began my educational experience by touring Oxford and Cambridge. You can read about a place, but it never really comes alive for you until you walk its paths, explore its treasures and listen to its whispers.

Once in Bulgaria, my first AUBG activity was the The Kosovo Project, a program which brought young adult Kosovar Albanians to AUBG to study leadership, journalism, public administration, and other topics useful for "rebuilding human capital" in Kosovo. I assisted with the facilitation of the Leadership program. I had the privilege to work with the outstanding student leaders of AUBG and their leader, Jill Rasmussen, as they provided this incredible learning experience. I also had the privilege to get to meeting and become friends with about 40 Kosovar Albanians who extended to me their most enthusiastic friendship. At the conclusion of the Leadership section of the Kosovo Project, I turned my attention to AUBG. I worked on some projects in a number of offices at AUBG, doing projects in the offices of Campus Living,the Career Center, Admissions and Student Services.