Cheryl Carothers

Keele University
Keele, Staffordshire, England
May 22- June 22, 2001
by Cheryl Carothers

Actually, this is a nice time of year, and it doesn't rain as much as I thought it would - about every two or three days, and then, not all day. When it does rain, it might begin with an fine mist, as gentle as the shower in my flat, where you're not certain there is any water reaching you at all. Or it might start right out pelting down hard (the rain, not my shower). It goes for a while, then the clouds move on, the sky is blue again, and the hills of Wales are clearly visible across the way. The weather lady's reports are interesting, because rather than tell you if you should expect rain, its like she is trying to be comforting, and she instead focuses on what days and times to expect sunshine. That's sweet, but it took some getting used to. Like crossing the street, you have to think in an opposite direction to figure out if you should bring your umbrella...