Current HIED Students

Our students enter the program in "cohorts" or peer groups. Each cohort develops its own personality depending on the diversity, past experiences, and unique interests of its student members. Most students find the cohort system to be a supportive and enriching way to go through a doctoral program. Because most entering students bring at least several years of professional experience, students can learn a lot from each other.

2018 Cohort

Nina Barudzic, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Blaze Campbell, Office of Equity and Diversity
Emily Creamer, Office of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs
Meredith Dixon, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Valerie Erwin, Center for Leadership

2017 Cohort

Alessandro Fragnoli, Area Sales Manager - Powers Distributing
Andrea Hauser, Center for Leadership
Kristen Hidinger, Institutional Effectiveness
Brittany House, Assistant to the Chair for HESA
Jody Kunk-Czaplicki, Research Assistant in HESA
Yan Xiong, University Libraries – National Student Affairs Archives

2016 Cohort

Abdulrhman Althgafei
Mark Heider, Information Technology Service - BGSU

2015 Cohort

Megan Arnold, New Student Orientation - Dean of Students - BGSU
Heather Golden, Career Center - Cleveland Institute of Art
Michael Greene, Graduate Assistant, Center for Faculty Excellence
Monda Kindle, Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Dandan Liang, Graduate Assistant, Field Experience Office - College of EDHD - BGSU
Tiffany Menard, Research Assistant - HESA Office
Bre Robinson, Student Athlete Academic Support Services - Miami University

Additional Students at Dissertation Stage

Yifei Li, College of EDHD - School of Teaching and Learning                   
Yihui Li, Assessment Associate, East Carolina University
Jackie Wells, Maumee Valley Country Day School
Keenan Colquitt, Adjunct Professor, University of Northern Michigan 
Sue Ann Sandusky
, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Cari Urabe, Assistant Director of Residence Life, University of California Berkeley 
Ellen Lassiter Collier, Title IX Officer, Kalamazoo College 

Mark Zeno, Heidelberg University
Abby Priehs
, Office of Residence Life, University of Michigan
Mike Freyaldenhoven
Darlene Miller, University of Toledo
Kerry Jones
, Student Athlete Services
Jared Tuberty