Current HIED Students

Our students enter the program in "cohorts" or peer groups. Each cohort develops its own personality depending on the diversity, past experiences, and unique interests of its student members. Most students find the cohort system to be a supportive and enriching way to go through a doctoral program. Because most entering students bring at least several years of professional experience, students can learn a lot from each other.

2016 Cohort

Abdulrhman Althgafei
Mark Heider, Information Technology Service - BGSU
Jeremy Zilmer, Student Conduct - Dean of Students - BGSU
Katherine Zilmer, Doctoral Intern, Division of Student Affairs

2015 Cohort

Megan Arnold, Doctoral Intern, Center for Leadership
Heather Golden, Career Center - BGSU
Michael Greene, Graduate Assistant, Center for Faculty Excellence                   
Monda Kindle, Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Dandan Liang, Graduate Assistant, University Libraries – National Student Affairs Archives
Tiffany Menard, Research Assistant - HESA Office
Bre Robinson, Central Catholic High School

2014 Cohort

Krystal Allen, Assistant to the Chair, HIED
Kerry Klima, Honors College
Yifei Li, College of EDHD - Dean's Office                   
Yihui Li, Educators in Context and Community
Jackie Wells, Maumee Valley Country Day School
Lisa Yang, College of EDHD - Dean's Office

2013 Cohort

Keenan Colquitt, Research Assistant in HESA
Matthew Cooney, Office of Multicultural Affairs
*Jeremy Doughty, Office of Service Learning                    
Lakeshia Dowlen, Center for Leadership
Ardy Gonyer, Educators in Context and Community
Michael Mastalski, Graduate College
Sue Ann Sandusky, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Cari Urabe, Educators in Context and Community

2012 Cohort

*Jo Campbell, Office of Campus Activities
Adam Duberstein, College of EDHD Student & Academic Services
*Beth Hoag, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign                
Abi Kennedy, Enrollment Management
*LaDonna Moore, University of Houston
E. Kirk Ross, University Advancement
Katie Stygles, Research Assistant in HESA

2011 Cohort

*Ryan Bronkema, Assistant to the Chair, HIED
Ellen Lassiter Collier, Research Assistant in HESA
*Vivienne Felix, Research Assistant in HESA
*Kelly Jo Larsen, Center for Leadership
*Jude Leary, Information Technology Services                   
Liane Ortis, Research Assistant in HESA
Blaire Moody Rideout, University of Michigan
*Matt Rygg, Division of Student Affairs
Mark Zeno, Heidelberg University

2010 Cohort 

*Holly Asimou, Center for Leadership
*Sherry Early, Research Assistant in HESA
David Sleasman, Graduate Student Senate
*Christina Wright Fields, Research Assistant in ICE

2009 Cohort

Bryan Austin, Hall Director 
*Allia Carter, Wayne State University
*Jacob Clemens, Center for Leadership
*Christine Onasch, Enrollment Management
Abby Priehs Office of Residence Life
Brett Scott, Ohio Northern University
Reggie Shouse, Partners in Context & Community
Paul Valdez, Office of Service Learning

2008 Cohort

*Jumei An 
*Kirsten Brown                                 
*Michael Brown                                   
Chris Bullins, Office of Campus Activities
*Chad Coates
Mike Freyaldenhoven, Office of Campus Activities
*Nikki Gaines
*Kristen Lindsay, Heidelberg College
Darlene Miller, University of Toledo
Rebecca Moseley, Oberlin College
*Andy Sadouskas

*Indicates alumni of the HIED program.

Students Beginning in the Fall of 2007 or Before

*Nicole Hoefle Cronenwett 
Kerry Jones
, Student Athlete Services
*Lisa Kirchner, Graduate College 
Jared Tuberty, San Jose State University
*Keith O'Neill
Lisa Root, California State University/Chico
Mindi Wells
, Supreme Court of Ohio