Interview Days

Priority Deadline for the College Student Personnel program is December 1st. Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis. Please send questions about your application status to Jessica Patton ( Learn more about the interview days team (I-Days Team) of current students below.

The Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs' College Student Personnel Progam presents the 2023 Interview Days! Meet the current student team that is organizing the event below. If you want to learn more about other current CSP students, check out our Current Student Bio Book

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Jessica Patton

Why did you pick BGSU? I chose BGSU because the community created here is so supportive and caring. I also value the experience to apply what I am learning in the classroom into my campus assistantship.

Favorite Experience: I really enjoy the 6890 class experience because it is a space that allows and fosters connections with peers while giving us a space to laugh and bond over class and work.

How do you help with I-Days? As Assistant to the Chair, I work with the team to oversee all aspects of the I-Days. My goal is to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all candidates while getting them excited about BGSU!

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Trent Allen

Why did I pick BGSU? - I chose BGSU because they offered me my top assistantship for the program, and everyone I met during I-Days was really rad.

Favorite Experience? - My favorite experience at BG so far has definitely been going to the Homecoming game and spending time with all my friends in the program.

How do I help with I-Days? - I help prepare the schedules and all other logistical things. I also help run the social media accounts! 

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Christina Freeman

I chose BGSU because I was able to be connected with a large network of alumni and felt connected with each individual that I met on I-Days. I felt like I could be authentically myself during all of the interviews and I received my top assistantship choice of being a Graduate Hall Director! 

My favorite memory in Bowling Green so far was attending the Swamp Fest and listening to live music with AMAZING Steak Bites. I went with a lot of my cohort and was able to socialize with faculty in the HESA department and learn more about BG's culture. Bowling Green has numerous events like these that make the university feel a part of the community.  

My current role as the Prospective and Current Student Liason is focusing on connecting current students to panels, affinity groups, ambassadors, and more. I am excited to work diligently to connect our prospective students and current students for I-Days! 

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Nick Malendowski

  • Position: Supervisor Liaison and Interview Coordinator
  • Email:

I chose BGSU because of the amazing experiences I had during I-Days and the assistantship I was offered. I felt like BGSU would support me the most, both in the classroom and out, and I built many connections that I still have today

I really enjoyed our two on-campus CSP conferences – the Social Justice and Inclusion Workshop and the New Professionals in Transition conference. Both of these experiences helped me grow as a student affairs professional, giving me more tools to work with when helping students

As the Supervisor Liaison and Interview Coordinator, I work closely with the assistantship providers to compile internship descriptions and communicate logistics relating to I-Days. I also work closely with prospective students, organizing your resumes, which are then sent to supervisors to review.

The 2023 Interview Days are scheduled virtually January 29th through January 30th and February 12-14. The weekend is briefly described in the next section. Students will receive a full interview days packet with all necessary information (including a schedule) before the start of the interview weekend.

Although we are offering the 2023 Interview Days in both in-person and virtual formats, there is neither advantage nor disadvantage in attending either session! Each session will be comparable in content and schedule, and providing both formats will help us to create a more equitable and accessible experience for candidates.

If you are academically admitted, you will be contacted by a member of the I-Days team to confirm your participation in the I-Days process, which is required in order to participate in the interview process. This notification should arrive in late December/early January. Be sure to check the email you provided in your application!

The Supervisor Liaison will send you a booklet of available assistantships. From that list, you'll rank assistantships based on your interest in the position. Our goal is to have each candidate interview for a maximum of 8 positions during I-Days. We will try to match each candidate with their preferred choices. We recommend that you are open to a variety of positions to get the most out of your I-Days experience!  


You will learn more about the CSP program, current students, and faculty members in a variety of sessions, panels, and interactive activities (the majority of the  afternoon and evening).  


You will participate in your assistantship interviews. Each interview will last 30 minutes. The first interview will start at 9:00am EST, and all candidates will be able to interview for a maximum of 8 positions. There will be breaks in between interviews and all candidates will be scheduled two breaks. 

There will be some optional programing available during the evening as well. 


This day is reserved for 2nd round interviews. These are typically a more casual introduction to the office but can also be full interviews. Candidates will be notified at the end of the day Monday on which assistantships requested a 2nd round interview. *Not all offices will host a 2nd round event. 

Based on candidate and supervisor preferences, the program chair, I-Days Team, and Admissions Committee determines candidate-internship matches. Offers begin in early March, after the conclusion of both rounds of Interview Days.

Understanding that many graduate candidates apply and interview for multiple programs, the Council of Graduate Schools developed a “Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Assistants.” This resolution, which many graduate institutions (including BGSU) have agreed to uphold, states that students have no obligation to respond to offers prior to April 15th. However, we encourage a response to offers as soon as possible, but not later than April 15. For the complete details of the resolution and a complete list of institutions that have agreed to uphold the resolution, review the Council of Graduate Schools Resolution. 

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