Implementation Plan

Outcomes Implementation Plan (a.k.a., “The I-Plan”)

This assignment is designed as a follow-up to the intended outcomes paper in which students identify the characteristics of an educated person.  In this assignment, the task is to design a plan that will assist undergraduate students to achieve those outcomes or characteristics. The Intended Outcomes paper defines the “what”; the I-Plan identifies the “how.” 

The term "plan" refers to a set of experiences (practices, programs, policies) CSP students design to assist college students in obtaining the outcomes identified in the Intended Outcomes paper.

Below are examples of electronic portfolios completed by CSP alumni:

Corey Friend (CSP '13) -

Claire Hoover (CSP '13) - 

Erin Kelly (CSP '13) -

Leslie Meyer (CSP '13) -

Tim Ocskasy (CSP '13) -

Kaity Werner (CSP '13) -