Electronic Portfolios

The culminating experience for all students is completion of CSP 6050: Capstone Seminar.  The major assignments in that course are the (1) personal statement of mission, (2) knowledge evaluation and professional development plan, (3) professional competencies assessment, and (4) electronic portfolio.  

CSP 6050 and the electronic portfolio are designed to help the student document the skills, knowledge, and experiences that are the foundation of professionalism.  It provides the opportunity for the student to write a comprehensive evaluation of her or his professional skills based on her or his accumulated record of experiences.

An ultimate goal of this assignment is to post your: (a) current resume; (b) personal statement of mission; (c) professional development plan resulting from your professional knowledge evaluation; and, (d) your artifacts supporting your professional skills assessment (Your artifacts should also be described on your Web site).  

Below are examples of electronic portfolios completed by CSP alumni:

Geoff Roberts (CSP '16) - http://groberts82.wix.com/geoff-roberts

Kaci Abolt (CSP '16) - http://abolt6050.weebly.com/

Briana Enty (CSP '16) - http://brianaenty.wix.com/e-portfolio

Aryn Lipnicki (CSP "16)- http://arynlipnicki.com/portfolio/

Jess Shapiro (CSP '16) - http://jess7shapiro.weebly.com/

Michael Zangl (CSP '16) -  http://mpzangl.weebly.com/

Phillip Lundquist (CSP '16) - http://lundqup.wix.com/eportfolio  

Julie Wagner (CSP '16) - http://juliereneewagner.wix.com/capstone2016   

Aaron McPherson (CSP '16) - http://amcphers12.wixsite.com/portfolio

Ashley Brown (CSP '15) - http://ashlbro.wix.com/eportfolio

Michael Dobrin (CSP '15) - http://mdobrin4.wix.com/prof-comp-portfolio

Erica Orman (CSP '15) - http://erikaorman.wix.com/ormanportfolio

Julie Palmer (CSP '15) - http://juliepalmer.weebly.com/

Chris Valentino (CSP '15) - http://ccdvalentino.wix.com/ccdvalentino

Caitlin Blake (CSP '13) - http://caitlinlblake.weebly.com

Jessica Chung (CSP '13) - http://tsuimei.wix.com/jessicachung

Corey Friend (CSP '13) - http://friendportfolio.weebly.com/

Joshua Maxwell (CSP '13)- http://joshuamaxwell1.wix.com/portfolio

Leslie Meyer (CSP '13)- http://cspcompetencyportfolio.weebly.com/

Daniel Murphy (CSP '13) - http://dpmurph.wix.com/danielmurphy

Purvi Patel (CSP '13) - http://ppat47.wix.com/patelportfolio

Johnny Quintanilla (CSP '13) - http://johnnyq03.wix.com/pcportfolio

Casey Stark (CSP '13) - http://cmstark.wix.com/caseymstark-1

Lexy Taylor (CSP '13) - http://alexisltaylor.wix.com/portfolio

Jill Walters (CSP '13) - http://jillkwalters.wix.com/jillkwalterspcp

Kaity Werner (CSP '13) - http://kaitywerner.wix.com/cspportfolio