Classroom Technology Advanced Degree Programs


Master’s Degree in Classroom Technology
(34 credit hours)

“A concerted effort is made for the educators not only to gain knowledge in the areas of classroom technology and online learning, but also to become leaders in the field through practical, hands-on work. There are numerous times that I shared this newly gained knowledge with colleagues, both in my school and out.”
- Cindy Edwards

Today’s generation of students have grown up with video games, email, the Web and instant everything. As a result of access to technology, their thinking patterns have changed. Bowling Green State University’s Classroom Technology programs target this idea to help construct value-added knowledge and skills to merge into modern instructional methods for today’s students. Earning this master’s degree will greatly contribute to your ability to keep up with ever-changing technology and become a dynamic learner!

Practicing new integrated pedagogy through synthesizing technology is important for teachers to prepare students for their future careers. The classroom technology master’s program will prepare you to model best practices for 1:1 technology integration and become a savvy school leader needed to effect change. Become engaged in 100-percent online coursework and immediately apply new strategies with your students.

Ohio Teachers – Ask About Computer Technology Endorsement Certificate (16 credit hours)

The Computer Technology Endorsement program is the first 16 credit hours of the full-master’s degree in classroom technology. Teachers adding this certificate to their existing Ohio teacher license will be prepared to provide leadership in technology for local, state or national education initiatives, but will also earn the credential for high quality and be licensed to teach computer science courses in K-12 public schools.

K-12 Online Teaching and Learning Certificate – Unique to BGSU
(13 credit hours)

This was my first experience with an online class and it was very beneficial and insightful.”
DeLee Beadle
Classroom technology master’s degree student

In addition to the master’s program, you can earn the K-12 Online Teaching and Learning Certificate with the addition of four credit hours, or equivalent of ONE course. The 13 credit hours are coupled with coursework towards the master’s degree in classroom technology. Virtual schools are seeking modern teachers prepared for the virtual teaching environment. With a total of 37 credit hours, you will earn three high-quality credentials:

  1. Master’s in Education Classroom Technology
  2. Computer Technology Endorsement (Ohio)
  3. BGSU K12 Online Teaching and Learning certificate

Complete your degree on a part-time basis in two years