Observation Procedures

I. Program and Location

The Child Development Lab provides an early childhood education program for two-and-one-half to five-years olds. From September to May the CDL meets full day 8:30AM-4:00PM, Monday through Friday. The Lab follows the University schedule and is closed during final exams and holidays. During the first summer session, children attend 8:30-12:30 Monday through Thursday.

The Lab is located at the Jordan Family Development Center - 812 N. College. There is one observation window in the Lab. 

The children also take trips away from the Lab occasionally. A calendar indicating the days the children will be gone is posted a week in advance.

II. Procedures

A. Do not talk, eat, or smoke while in the Child Development Lab or observation area.

B. If you are observing a particular child or activity and you are unable to see from the observation area, or if the group goes outside, please feel free to quietly enter the classroom or go to the yard. You are also welcome to follow along and continue your observation if the children go on walks. Please be as unobtrusive as possible in the classroom. Stand or sit around the edge of the classroom and do not talk with the children. If the children try to initiate a conversation, tell them once quietly but firmly that you are learning about the kinds of things children do at the Center and do not continue eye contact. If a child persists, you should change locations.

III. Confidentiality

In order to protect the privacy of the children participating in the Lab, we ask that you use a pseudonym in any written materials or class discussions. Observations of the children should not be discussed except in the professional setting.