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Parents are the most important people in their child's world;  they are also their child's first and primary teachers.  Research confirms that the most effective early childhood programs are those which involve parents in meaningful ways.   We try to communicate with parents in a wide variety of ways in the hopes that as many attempts reach as many parents as possible. 

Parent Handbook

ODJFS Center Parent Information - TO DO  

newsletter is emailed to the parents at the beginning of each week (Mon.) with the special activities listed for each day including book and songs for circle time and daily snack items.  The newsletter offers educational material for parents on the weekly theme and curriculum goals targeted i.e. literacy, sequencing; words to new songs and fingerplays; and necessary information such as parking stickers, book orders or open house reminders.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are routinely held at the end of each semester.  During this session we provide parents with a Developmental Summary for their child as well as a Portfolio of work and photos to better illustrate the child's interests and growth at school.  Additional conferences can be held anytime during the semester if the teacher or parent feels it is needed.