The Child Development Lab operates Fall and Spring Semesters full day from 8:30-4:00PM, Monday through Friday; or half day from 8:30-11:30 AM; or 1:00-4:00 PM. Both Summer School Sessions are 8:30AM-12:30PM Monday-Thursday. We have the same holiday schedule as the rest of the University and are only closed for bad weather if the University is closed.


The staff:child ratio in the BGSU Child Development Lab is typically 1:5 with the participation of university practicum students.  However, at all times, the CDL observes the following minimum staff/child ratios and group sizes maintained for each age group.

  License Regulations
  Typical in CDL  
  Staff : Child
Group Size Staff : Child Group Size
3 years old 1 : 12 16 - 24 1 : 5 16 - 20
4 years old 1 : 14 16 - 24 1 : 5 16 - 20
5 years old 1 :14 16 - 24 1 : 5  16 -20


The Child Development Lab is staffed by a Director/Two Lead Teachers and other helpers. Staff members have a background in child development and preschool education and are responsible for the daily program. The majority of the University students working in the classroom are enrolled in an undergraduate practicum to learn the skills necessary for working with young children and their families.  The undergraduate students change each semester.

Volunteers, students from other classes, specialists (i.e. speech therapist) and researchers occasionally work in the classroom as well.

Program policies and supervision is provided by the Director of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences and the faculty liaison.

Daily Schedule

ARRIVAL: 8:30; 1:00

The teacher can talk informally with the child and parent. This communication helps get the day off to a positive start. Children put belongings in lockers and choose an activity until everyone arrives.


All areas of the room are open and available for use. Children chose the activities that they are interested in and the children with which they wish to play. Teachers will have activity ideas which children have the option of participating in. Snack will be set out at this time.

       CIRCLE: 9:30; 1:45

         All the children come together to participate in stories, fingerplays and rhymes, songs and movement, and discussion.

CLEAN UP: 10:50; 3:20

The children and teachers return materials to their proper places.

LARGE MOTOR: 11:00 - 11:30; 3:30 - 4:00

The children play outside, weather permitting, or participate in a large motor activity inside. Games, such as Duck Duck Goose, and Hide and Seek, and the obstacle course are favorites.


Children who are three years old by the first day of school are eligible for enrollment during the fall semester. Children who turn three by January 31 may enroll for spring semester, providing there is room.  Children may continue a second or third year or until enrollment in kindergarten.  Vacancies are filled as they occur from the waiting list.  Enrollment is open to the community and selection is generally on a first come first served basis.  However, because we are a lab school, we try to maintain a mix of ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds, which means we occasionally accept students who meet these criteria out of order.

We have two electronic versions of our enrollment form: a PDF form and a Word form.  Both allow you to use your computer keyboard to enter the information requested before you print and sign the form.  With the PDF version, you can fill the requested information with Adobe Reader and print the document but you will not be able to save the data in the form.  You need to have Adobe Acrobat Pro to save the data.  For the Word version, you will need a current version of Microsoft Word. You should not have any issue saving the data using this version of the form.

Enrollment Form (PDF)

To obtain a printed enrollment application and additional information call  419-353-7407, ext. 227 or email cbaum@bgsu.edu


Call the CDL administrators for current rates at 419-353-7407, ext 227.  Any enrollment payment not received by the appropriate date will be taken as an indication that your child will not be attending the Child Development Lab and we will begin the process of contacting the next family on the waiting list.  Since we always have families who are anxious to have their child at CDL, if you know that you need to cancel your registration, for any reason, the courtesy of a phone call is requested (message 419-353-7407, ext. 227).


The Child Development Lab bills directly and payment is made to the administrator.  Payment is expected in a timely fashion and failure to do so will jeopardize your child's enrollment.


 A minimum of 30 days written notice is required for the withdrawal of any child enrolled. Families that do not give this notice will be charged the regular center tuition for each day until a replacement child begins attending (up to 30 days).


The Child Development Lab reserves the right to terminate a child for reasons of noncooperation, delinquency in payment of tuition, or inability of child or parent to adjust to the program, as determined by teachers and the faculty liaison. Tuition problems will not be carried over semesters.


The Child Development Lab enrolls children from a variety of backgrounds and life styles and with varying abilities.  We view this as a positive learning experience for college students as well as for children and families.  Any discrimination is discouraged.  Boys and girls are encouraged to do woodworking as well as cooking;  families are portrayed with single parents, grandparents as parents and step parents, as well as traditional mothers and fathers; and ethnic and cultural dolls, food, clothing, puzzles, music etc. are included into the daily curriculum.  All children need to feel good about who they are and we strive to support the development of each child as an individual with unique characteristics and abilities.