Child Development Lab


The Child Development Lab (CDL) is a licensed and nationally accredited preschool and pre-k program for young children which is part of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Bowling Green State University. It is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

This is a laboratory school, offering practicum experiences for graduate and undergraduate students as well as research opportunities for faculty and students from ours, and other departments.

The Child Development Lab program is based on developmentally appropriate practices with classroom space organized into learning areas.  There is a regular daily schedule with a variety of open-ended planned activities; this flexibility allows for successful experiences for all children in a mixed age setting and the inclusion of children with special needs.

Enrollment is open to the public, providing early education for children of faculty, staff, students, and families in northwest Ohio.  Students are generally enrolled on a first come first served basis. Because we are a lab school, we strive for diversity within our classes, which means we occasionally accept students out of order.

Home/school communication is vital to good preschool programming and emphasized through newsletters, parent/teacher conferences, open houses, and more.