Student Ambassadors


Student Ambassadors
The College of Education and Human Development (EDHD) Student Ambassador organization creates opportunities for students to enhance their personal and professional leadership skills by supporting the goals, values and ideals of the College and its academic programs. The EDHD Student Ambassadors represent the college at university functions and events, and provide information on the many majors and programs available to prospective and current students.

As a student ambassador for the College of Education and Human Development, you will engage with current students, and perspective students and their families to promote and support the goals of the College. Furthermore, EDHD Student Ambassadors work to broaden the College’s identity on a local, regional and national level, and contribute to the Bowling Green community and Northwest Ohio by participating in several service projects. 
All undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program or major within the College of Education and Human Development are eligible for membership. Potential members must be in good academic standing and must remain in good standing during their tenure as an ambassador. 
Students interested in becoming a Student Ambassador must first solicit a nomination by an EDHD faculty or staff member or a current ambassador. After the nomination is received, candidates are asked to participate in an interview with members of the executive board and the staff advisor. 
Membership is open to students of BGSU without regard to sex, gender identity, genetic information, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, disability, pregnancy, military status, age, or status as a Special Disabled or Vietnam-era veteran.

Member Requirements
Members are required to attend all general meetings. Members that cannot attend a meeting must notify the secretary prior to the meeting date. Members are also required to volunteer at various events and functions throughout the year.

EDHD Student Ambassadors meet as a general assembly once a month. The executive board may call a special meeting of the general assembly when necessary.
Social Engagement and Professional Development
Student Ambassadors host a minimum of one social engagement or professional development program per semester. During these events, students have the opportunity to engage with other students, represent and promote the College and learn about trends and issues in the workplace.  
Events and Programs
EDHD Student Ambassadors participate in various events and programs throughout the academic year. The events and programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Homecoming tent and various other Homecoming activities
  • Visits by dignitaries
  • President’s day 
  • Preview day and Education day
  • Dean’s list celebrations
  • Major Mania
  • Alumni golf outing
  • Capstone day
  • Scholarship awards luncheon

Community Service 
Throughout the academic year, student ambassadors work together with other EDHD students to participate in various community service projects for the city of Bowling Green and surrounding communities.  

2015-2016 Executive Board

  • President, Jessica Dunlap
  • Vice President, Emily Eskins
  • Secretary, Laney Buechner
  • Treasurer, Lauren Densic
  • Advisor, Jessica Gast, Executive Assistant to the Dean

2015-2016 Members

Alex O'Connor Junior Sport Management
Amanda Monschein Freshman Inclusive Early Childhood
Brian Blake Freshman Sport Management
Davis Gerber
Junior AYA Math
Emily Eskins* Senior Inclusive Early Childhood
Garrison Swartz Senior
Intervention Specialist
Laney Buechner* Senior Middle Childhood Education
Jacob Jones Junior Middle Childhood Education
Jenna Klorer Senior Inclusive Early Childhood
Jessica Dunlap* Senior Inclusive Early Childhood
Karley Niemeyer Senior Inclusive Early Childhood
Katherine Szaroleta
Freshman Inclusive Early Childhood
Kayla Adamic
Freshman Inclusive Early Childhood
Lauren Densic*
Senior Inclusive Early Childhood
Mean Martin
Freshman Middle Childhood Education
Nicholas Frank   Junior World Language Education
Rachel Baker
Freshman Inclusive Early Childhood

*Denotes executive board member
For more information about the EDHD student ambassador program, please contact:
Jessica Gast 
Executive Assistant to the Dean