EDHD Learning Communities

Welcome! We invite you to join the College of Education and Human Development Theme Community, located in McDonald Hall. This living community is open to all students in the College of Education and Human Development, and requires residency in McDonald Hall. Unsure if your major falls in EDHD? Check out our list of degree programs.

The EDHD Theme Community is designed to provide you with opportunities to connect to your peers, your faculty and the staff within the College of Education and Human Development. Living together in McDonald Hall will allow you to become part of a close-knit community and support one another throughout your time here at Bowling Green State University. Throughout the course of the year, the theme community will host events that allow you to get to know your academic advisor, provide you with a chance to learn about the student organizations that relate to your major, allow you to have discussions about civic engagement and civil discourse, and give you an opportunity to just have fun with your peers. The best part about this community is there is no cost to join!


For more information, email edhdtheme@bgsu.edu.

The EDHD Theme Community provides multiple opportunities for students including:

  • Builds connections with academic advisors to enhance your academic experience
  • Mentoring from EDHD faculty
  • Programming to promote your success in college
  • Social activities

All students must live in MacDonald Hall in order to be eligible for the EDHD Theme Community.


Ardy Gonyer

Position: Director
Phone: 419-372-7401
Email: gonyerh@bgsu.edu
Address: 444 Education

For more information about the EDHD Theme Community, contact Ardy Gonyer, director at gonyerh@bgsu.edu or call 419-372-7401.