Management & Technology |  Learning Design Faculty


Dr. Jennie Gallimore

Position: Dean
Phone: 419-372-2438
Email: jgallim@bgsu.edu
Address: 204 Technology Building


Dr. Paul Cesarini

Position: Professor and Assistant Vice Provost Online and Summer Academic Program
Phone: 419-371-7740
Email: pcesari@bgsu.edu
Address: 102B Olscamp Hall


Dr. Gary Benjamin

Position: Program Coordinator & Lecturer
Phone: Phone: 419-372-3606
Email: gbenjam@bgsu.edu
Address: 147 College Park Office Building


Katie Boyle

Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 419-372-2437
Email: kmboyle@bgsu.edu
Address: 260 Technology Building

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Dr. Donna K. Trautman

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7575
Email: dktraut@bgsu.edu
Address: 261 Technology Building

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Dr. Fei Gao

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-5446
Email: gaof@bgsu.edu
Address: 149 College Park Office Building


Dr. Shelley Waltonen Moore

Position: Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-7557
Email: swmoore@bgsu.edu
Address: 151 College Park Office Building