general info about online courses

Most online courses at BGSU begin and end on our fall, spring, and summer semester schedules. CLICK HERE for a link to the BGSU academic calendars and a listing of specific semester dates.

Not necessarily. In general, you are not required to attend class at certain times. You are free to log in and complete your course work at times that are convenient for your schedule. However, your instructor will require that you meet deadlines for assignments and tests as well as reply within a given time frame to discussion board posts. Your instructor may also hold live presentations or lectures using web-conferencing tools or require a first day of the semester log in so be sure to check the class notes for special instructions when you register.

Online classes that are considered Web-based courses are delivered completely online and do not require time on campus. Web-centric online courses are blended courses that do require some face to face class time. Be sure to read all the information about a course before registering so you are aware of the requirements.

At this time BGSU online classes do not require proctoring.  However, every instructor does things differently in their classes and you may want to contact an instructor before registering for a class to find out the specific requirements.

Just like face-to-face classes, each online class is unique and will require different expectations of you. You should plan to schedule time each day to log into your class and for studying. A three credit hour class in a 16-week format would require about 9 hours a week. A three credit hour class in an 8-week format would require about 18 hours a week.

As a student currently enrolled at BGSU you can search for online classes and register through your MyBGSU account just like you would for face to face classes. When searching for online classes be sure to choose "Distance Learning" in the Campus field and "'Web Based' in the Course Attribute field of your search.

Logging into MyBGSU & Accessing Courses

Click Here for information about setting up your BGSU account.

First check to see that your class is listed on your schedule. Click the My Class Schedule link on the left side navigation menu in MyBGSU. If your class is listed there, when the insructor makes the course available it will show up under "courses in which you are enrolled." This usually happens the first day of class or a few days before. If your class is not listed in your class schedule contact the Office of Registration and Records by phoning 419-372-8441.

Your instructor may send you an introductory email but you will also find links to the classes you are registered for in your MyBGSU account. Class announcements, syllabus, assignments and due dates, and instructor contact information will be provided inside your online class.