Bachelor of Science - Nursing (RN to BSN)

The College of Nursing offers an opportunity for graduates of associate degree and diploma nursing programs to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The RN student achieves the same terminal objectives as the basic BSN student. However, this alternate track for the RN provides for flexibility and an individualized curriculum approach for the nurse in practice. The seven course nursing courses of this program are offered online, and students choose from one of four Plan of Study options for program completion.

Credits Required for Completion
122 credit hours*

*30 uninterrupted credit hours must be completed at BGSU.

The curriculum for nursing students is based on Orem's self-care deficit theory in nursing. Person-centered approaches to nursing care focus on helping people to increase their abilities to promote, maintain or restore their own health while also involving the family and community. Critical thinking and decision-making are integral components of the curriculum.

The BGSU-UT RN-BSN Completion program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and has full approval of the Ohio Board of Nursing. The nursing courses and clinical experiences are provided by the College of Nursing at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus in Toledo.

Career Opportunities

Our programs prepare students to engage in nursing care for people across the life span in many different settings. A liberal arts background provides the basis for critical thinking and informed decision-making, while students learn to function independently in community settings and in managing nursing care for groups of hospitalized patients.

Opportunities exist in all health care settings including hospitals, community health agencies, schools and nursing homes. In addition, the baccalaureate degree provides the basis for graduate preparation in professional nursing.

Health care recruiters from throughout Ohio and the U.S. actively recruit our graduates.

*Please note that the Nursing Core Courses for this program do not run during the Summer semesters.

Option One: Two Semesters Completion

Semester 1 Semester 2
NURS 4180 (4 credit hrs)
NURS 4190 (6 credit hrs)
NURS 4210 (3 credit hrs)
NURS 4230 (3 credit hrs)
NURS 4120 (5 credit hrs)
NURS 4200 (5 credit hrs)
NURS 4220 (4 credit hrs)

Option Two: Three Semesters Completion

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
NURS 4180 (4 credit hrs)
NURS 4190 (6 credit hrs)
NURS 4230 (3 credit hrs)
NURS 4120 (5 credit hrs)
NURS 4220 (4 credit hrs)
NURS 4200 (5 credit hrs)
NURS 4210 (3 credit hrs)

Option Three: Four Semesters Completion

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
NURS 4180 (4 hrs)
NURS 4230 (3 hrs)
NURS 4190 (6 hrs)
NURS 4210 (3 hrs)
NURS 4120 (5 hrs)
NURS 4220 (4 hrs)
NURS 4200 (5 hrs)

Option Four: Seven Semesters Completion

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
NURS 4180 (4 hrs) NURS 4230 (3 hrs) NURS 4190 (6 hrs) NURS 4210 (3 hrs)
Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7  
NURS 4220 (4 hrs) NURS 4120 (5 hrs) NURS 4200 (5 hrs)  

A minimum of 122 hours is required for graduation, of which 40 hours must be in upper-division coursework. In addition the 30 hours earned immediately before graduation must be completed through Bowling Green State University uninterrupted by coursework at another university or college.

NURS 4180 Theoretical and Professional Foundations in Nursing
Focus on RN student’s transition to professional higher education and theory based on practice. Current professional issues are explored. Political, socioeconomic, ethical and legal issues are critically examined and discussed. Prerequisite: admission to RN/BSN program.

NURS 4190 Interpersonal Skills in Nursing of Older Adults 
Focus on application of self-care deficit theory of nursing and health maintenance for older individuals within the family and environment. Pre- or corequisite: NURS 4230, NURS 4180.

NURS 4210 Applied Nursing Research
Emphasizes all phases of the research process. Analysis and application of research strategies for the professional nurse. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN/BSN program.

NURS 4230 Applied Health Assessment
Nursing application of health history, physical and psychosocial assessment skills across the life span. Prerequisite: Admission to RN/BSN program.

NURS 4220 Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
Concepts of pathophysiology and pharmacology. Prepares for critical thinking in application of concepts to nursing practice. Prerequisite: Admission to RN/BSN program.

NURS 4120 Nursing Leadership and Management
Focus on principles of management and leadership for the baccalaureate prepared nurse. Provision of professional care in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: NURS 4230, NURS 4180, NURS 4190.

NURS 4200 Population Focused Care 
Focuses on the design and implementation of nursing care for aggregates and communities. Individual and family care is provided within the context of population focused care. Prerequisites: NURS 4180, NURS 4190, NURS 4230.

Each student is required to complete GSW 1120 or demonstrate a proficiency in written expression equivalent to that attained by students who have completed the course. A penalty is imposed if GSW 1120 is not completed within the first 60 hours.

RN students must take or transfer in equivalent to math as demonstrated by a competency examination score above MATH 95 level.

Students must also meet all BG Perspective (General Education) requirements, including a Cultural Diversity in the U.S. course and an International Perspective course.

Fees for the nursing program are the same as for all other degree programs at BGSU. However, there are additional charges for required professional liability insurance, physical examinations, specific health tests, laboratory fees and workbooks.

Complete all steps as indicated below. Omission of a step could result in an incomplete and/or invalid application.

Contact your nursing advisor to discuss program details, your eligibility, transcript evaluations, and specific admission requirements such as:

  • Graduation from an accredited RN nursing program. 
  • Unencumbered nursing licensure. 
  • Completion of Program Prerequisites with a letter grade of "C" or better - Download Program Check Sheet (PDF).
    • GSW 1120 - Academic Writing 
    • BIOL 2050 - Concepts in Biology II 
    • CHEM 1090/1100 or CHEM 1250 - Chemistry 
    • BIOL 3310 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I 
    • BIOL 3320 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II 
    • BIOL 3140/3150 - Microbiology for Health Professions 
    • MATH 1150 - Intro to Statistics 
    • CS 1000 - Computer Basics 
    • PSYC 1010 - General Psychology 
    • PSYC 3100 - Lifespan Development Psychology 
    • PHIL 1020 or PHIL 2420 - Ethics or Medical Ethics 
    • FN 2070 - Intro to Human Nutrition
  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, which reflects all courses ever taken anywhere at the college level 
  • Completion and Submission of the Program Application via NursingCAS by the deadline for each admission cycle (see table below).


  1. Go to:
  2. Click the link for the Nursing (RN to BSN) degree
  4. Enter a username and password

Note: There is a non-refundable application fee. If for some reason all of your transcripts do not arrive or you decide not to begin for a given semester, another application and fee will be required for the next semester.

Before you begin the online application:

  • Obtain student copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the course work section for the application.
  • Read the NursingCAS Admission Code of Cooperation for applicant responsibilities. General information regarding NursingCAS, as well as application instructions, can be found at


Request official transcripts from each institution attended by using the transcript request form in NursingCAS. Complete the form and submit it to the registrar’s office of each institution attended and instruct them to enclose the form with your official sealed transcript. Transcripts must be sent to the NursingCAS Transcript Department. Nursing CAS accepts official transcripts directly sent from the registrar’s office ONLY. Please send transcripts as early as possible and no less than 4-6 weeks before the application deadline due to the time needed by NursingCAS to verify your application.

Transcripts must also be sent to BGSU:

BGSU Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403


Complete the NursingCAS online application and submit application fee by the deadline that corresponds to your semester of entry.

Go to:


  • In NursingCAS, select "RN-BSN Nursing Program" designation under "University of Toledo College of Nursing"
  • Application requires the creation of an online profile at NursingCAS with an application submission fee of $45.
  • In order to allow for processing, it is best to have applications submitted 4-6 weeks before the application deadline)

Applications will be reviewed by the UT College of Nursing's Admissions Committee approximately six (6) weeks after the application deadlines for each semester. Applicants will be evaluated based on their GPA, completion of the prerequisite coursework, current Registered Nursing licensure status, and overall academic progress.


Semester of Entry NursingCAS & Supplemental Applications Open NursingCAS & Supplemental Applications Deadline
October 1
February 15
June 1, August 15**
January 15
May 1
July 31, September 1**

**The NursingCAS applicant portal closes on August 1st and reopens on August 15. Please note that any documents that come in after August 1 will not be processed until the applicant portal reopens on August 15. If you do not electronically submit your application prior to August 1, you will need to create a new application after August 15.