Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies online program provides you with the opportunity to learn and develop skills through a personalized curriculum geared to your interests and needs, designed to enhance your knowledge in a field of your choice or prepare you for a career beyond college.

The online BLS is best for students who have completed a minimum of 60 hours towards the Liberal Studies major through previous coursework at BGSU or through another college or university.

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) is one option available to the student whose interests extend beyond a single academic area or a structured program.

In cooperation with an academic advisor, students take responsibility for designing their own course of study within the College of Arts & Sciences for a liberal arts degree program that matches their educational goals within the parameters of the BLS Degree Requirements.

All course work necessary for the BLS degree is offered online through a Web-based enterprise portal, MyBGSU, offering a convenient e-learning experience with:

  • independent access
  • a more flexible schedule
  • one-on-one time with faculty
  • greater student-to-student contact

Connect with the BLS adviser to create your own educational path!

Students pursuing the BLS degree must complete an application for admission into the program in addition to their application for admission to Bowling Green State University.

To apply for the BLS degree program, the student must have:

  • Completed no less than 60 credit hours of college-level work.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Submitted the application for admission into the B.L.S. degree program any time before the first 14 days of the semester in which the last 12 hours of the degree program are begun. Download the BLS Degree Program Application.
  • Submitted a personal essay of two to three pages which articulates a specific relationship between the student's long- and short-term goals and objectives and the proposed course of study.
  • Completed GSW 1120.
  • Students enrolled in other colleges at BGSU must meet with a college advisor before an application is made.

To be eligible to graduate in the B.L.S. degree program, a student must have:

  • Been fully admitted to the BLS degree program.
  • Completed 100 hours of approved coursework towards Liberal Studies major.  No more than 27 hours within any one discipline of approved coursework can be credited toward degree requirements.
  • Completed a minimum of 122 hours, at least 12 of which must be completed after being accepted into the BLS program.
  • Completed the University's BG Perspective Core Curriculum and all university degree requirements.
  • Completed at least 40 hours of 3000/4000 level courses.
  1. Go to:
  2. Click the link for the Liberal Studies degree
  4. Enter a username and password

Note: There is a non-refundable application fee. If for some reason all of your transcripts do not arrive or you decide not to begin for a given semester, another application and fee will be required for the next semester.



Request official copies of transcripts from every college or university you have attended. The Office of Transfer Evaluation (419-372-7959) will then evaluate your official transcript for possible credit towards your degree. Official transcripts should be sent directly to:

BGSU Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

You will receive an email from the Admissions office when your application and transcripts have been processed (one to two weeks after submission). Follow the directions included in your admission email to set up your BGSU account, needed to access your BGSU email and MyBGSU Web portal accounts or go to the ITS Self-Help page.

After you have received your official Transfer Evaluation report and accessed your MyBGSU account, please contact the College of Arts and Sciences to schedule your advising appointment with an academic advisor. Be sure to identify yourself as a New Transfer Student with the Online Bachelor of Liberal Studies program.

phone: (419) 372-2015


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