Final Exams

Steps to Taking Final Exams

  • View your final exam schedule online – log into your MyBGSU Student Center, click the drop-down menu that reads, “Other academic…” and then click on “Exam Schedule.” This provides a list of your courses and final exam dates/times.
  • Talk with each professor several weeks before finals to confirm your exam dates and times. Your professor determines when you are allowed to complete your exam. If you want to take an exam at a different time than the regularly scheduled time slot, you need to request and receive permission from your professor.
  • Please schedule your exam appointments as soon as possible using the exam appointment request form. You must have an appointment for your finals; you cannot just show up at your convenience as you will be turned away. You also must arrive on time for your appointment. Exam appointments must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance.
  • You must bring your BGSU student ID with you, as we will now be checking student ID’s for all exams taken in our office.
  • You must provide us with written approval from your professors regarding any special circumstances such as open book exams, making use of notes, calculator, etc. If we do not receive written instructions from your professor, you will not be able to use any outside resources.
  • Exam appointments are available Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. Our latest exam appointment of the day is 3:00pm, as you must be finished by 5:00pm. Be aware that if you do start your exam at 3pm, you are forfeiting your accommodation of extended time. If you have an evening class, please see if the professor is able to proctor the test and provide the needed accommodations at night or request permission from your professor to take the test during our office hours.
  • Our office does not have space for students to study before their exams. Your exam appointment time is when you are to begin completing your exam, not when you are going to begin studying for the exam.