Planning, Design & Construction

What We Do

Mission Statement

Our professional team serves the University community with innovative, holistic and integrated planning; high-quality, conscientious architectural design; enhanced engineering solutions; and leadership for construction project management and building implementation. This all converges in the development of new facilities and campus renovations that serve to renew a rich campus identity, strengthening a sense of place for all BGSU stakeholders. All of our work reflects a commitment to environmental performance, energy saving, technology and data resource management. These things, in turn, sustain and advance our academic objectives and market competitiveness well into the future.


Our team envisions and advances a progressive campus image and enhanced function for the future as we rehabilitate and preserve the rich history of our past. We are challenged to create a campus environment that strengthens individual life, health, safety and welfare in a cohesive, aesthetic and functional environment. The ultimate goal is to promote and improve the human condition on campus for academic learning, living and leisure.