Frequently Asked Questions for Deciding Students

It is required that you meet with your advisor in person at least once each semester, prior to scheduling your classes for the next semester.  However, you are always welcome to schedule additional appointments, or contact your advisor by e-mail or phone, whenever necessary.  It is your responsibility to keep in regular contact with your advisor.

Enroll in UNIV 1310, "Career & Life Planning". This class is a requirement for new incoming Pre-Major freshmen.  UNIV 1310 helps students analyze interests, skills, personal traits, and desired life style to promote an awareness of the interrelationship between self-knowledge and career choice.  Some of the course objectives are: identifying and exploring specific occupational information, relating college majors to careers, and learning and understanding the career development process.

Certain careers require that students pursue a specific major.  Certain majors lead to specific careers.  However, there are majors that can lead to a variety of careers and there are careers can be entered with a variety of majors.  As you can see, the pathway is not always straightforward.  You can discuss career/major connections with your academic advisor and also with a career counselor in the Career Center.

  • Information about BGSU majors
    Click on the “All Programs” link.  Select major, then select "Curriculum Guide" for an overview of the major and career opportunities.  Students in each major choose a wide variety of careers so don't let the options listed limit you.

  • The Career Center & Library, located in 318C Math Sciences Building, includes a diverse collection of print and computerized resources to help you explore various occupations.
  • FOCUS is a career guidance system that helps people with the process of making career decisions and plans.  It is available through your web portal "My BGSU".

    - Select the “Students” link found at the top of the Welcome page.

    - On the left side of the Students Page, look for the section "Career Center" and click on “FOCUS: Find Your Career”.  

           - When you form your account you need to use the KEYCODE: falcons

           - It can be helpful to start with the “Self-Assessment” section.

  • You can meet with your pre-major advisor, discuss options and view course requirement checksheets for any majors that sound interesting to you.

A good place to start is with your academic advisor.  You can also visit with faculty and staff in academic departments.  Another source of information is the BGSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Many students will identify and select an academic program by the end of their first year. All students are expected to declare a major before they earn more than 45-60 credit hours. It is important to actively research major options in order to stay on pace for graduation in an appropriate timeframe, and to make the most of your BGSU education.