Deciding Student Program

Being Undecided is a Great Decision

The Deciding Student Program (DSP) provides a clear plan for deciding students to select a major and academic degree program while also exploring a range of related career interests. We offer academic advising to assist you in defining your educational goals, working in concert with the BGSU Career Center. Your advisor will be a huge asset while you are at BGSU. S/He can plan out a two-semester track, selecting coursework that is applicable to all BGSU majors. The advisors will also connect you to many excellent BGSU resources like the Learning Commons, the Career Center and the Counseling Center.

As you begin your BGSU career, you will enroll in BG Perspective (general education) classes. These classes satisfy core requirements for almost every major at BGSU. Along the way, you will strengthen your critical thinking and communication skills. Step by step, your journey at BGSU will take you from DECIDING to DECIDED.

Your personal Academic Advisor will help you define your educational goals and develop a 1-3 semester course of study to help explore your academic interests and keep you on track for on-time graduation. Meeting with your advisor each semester will help to ensure that you are taking applicable courses and prepared to declare a major during or before the end of your third semester. In addition to receiving support and guidance from your academic advisor, first-year DSP students take the required Career & Life Planning Class (BGSU 1910 Life Design Class). This is a new class designed to help you explore your passions, develop problem solving skills, and begin to build a meaningful college experience along the way toward life beyond BGSU.