Alex's Story

I am a senior at BGSU majoring in Business and am a first year Student Leadership Assistant, a cheerleader, and a member of Vanguard. I have served as an Orientation Leader and Orientation Team Leader, was on Homecoming Court this past year, attended LeaderShape, and was a finalist for the Ray Marvin Leadership Award.

My connection to and involvement with the Office of the Dean of Students has made a difference in my life as a student by positively challenging me to improve my skillset, leadership abilities while meeting the needs and wants of others in my community. I have been held to a high standard to serve as a good representation of BGSU while achieving personal and organizational goals. Through my involvement with the Center for Leadership, New Student Orientation, First Year Programs, and Spirit Groups, I have been able to expand my knowledge outside of the classroom for a hands on, practical experience completing tasks that incorporate transferable skills for life after college. I have had opportunities to develop, manage, and execute programs from start to finish. Along the way I have continuously improved my ability to think creatively, utilize resources, and public speak. I have been able to meet deadlines, communicate more effectively, promote initiatives to others, and work within diverse teams. I have gained many valuable connections, relationships and have made many everlasting memories. Overall, I have had the chance to take part in unique activities that have made me feel at home and a part of the BGSU family. I have learned to not take moments for granted and to cherish the time, place, and people that are in front of you.  I know that one day, when I look back at my undergraduate years, I will feel I made the most of my BGSU experience!

The best part of being involved with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Center for Leadership has been gaining the confidence to become whoever I want to be. From the time I became involved on campus I have improved my personal self-assurance and have positively enacted that in all aspects of my life. I have had the opportunity to grow as a person while fulfilling the needs and wants of others. Through cheerleading, I have been able to raise spirit an overall passion for the community and supporters of BGSU, and have really enjoyed that game day atmosphere. I have been able to ease the transition for new students as they enter a new phase of life here at BGSU through my two years of work with Orientation. As an SLA in the Center for Leadership, I fulfill the leadership development needs of campus organizations and groups so that, together, we continue to build great leaders and create positive social change. A variety in work settings and team dynamics has provided rich learning opportunities. Along the way, I have also enjoyed being able to assess my personal performance through feedback and reflection so I can improve myself for the next exciting challenge that I face.

My participation with the Center for Leadership has impacted my learning related to leadership, communication, diversity, motivation, creativity, and critical thinking. My learning has been impacted tremendously ever since starting at BGSU and becoming involved. Through trainings, jobs, and people, I have learned many new dimensions of leadership and life in general. I have been able to not only learn about skills, but have acted them out through my involvements.  I believe coming into each new experience with an open mind and understanding that my different roles should never be compared to other past experiences, this has allowed me to focus on the tasks at hand with a positive outlook and attitude. With that being said, each experience has built off one another and has allowed for me to improve the way I had hoped. It has been awesome to have taken what is learned inside the classroom and be able to incorporate it with my involvements outside of the classroom and vice versa. My experiences have encouraged me to continue to develop a skillset that I know will best set myself up for a successful future in the real world.

My involvement with the Center for Leadership has made me think about my future career in new ways. These are the connections I now see with my planned career in the business field. I have been able to enhance transferrable skills such as communicating with a wide variety of organizations, working in a team, supporting and challenging others, and meeting deadlines. I have worked hard and have put full effort into responsibilities and have been able to market opportunities available within my organizations. I have also learned from a wide variety and diverse set of experiences. All of these traits, skills, have, allowed me to be better prepared and qualified for career possibilities that lie ahead. Not only have I been able to improve skills and complete tasks, I have had the chance to connect with others on what I want in my future, potential career paths, and active steps on how I can get there. Even though my involvements and roles within my organizations may not be directly correlated with my future career choice, it has made me into a more confident and well-rounded person who is ready to take on whatever life brings next. What more can you ask for?