Requesting Funding

SOAB Philosophy

Student Organization Allocation Board policies are aligned with the University’s mission, vision, core values, and strategic plan. The philosophy of these policies is based on the commitment to provide monetary and other resources to recognized student organizations that provide programs and activities that embrace the co-curricular education of the entire BGSU student body. These policies comply with federal, state and local laws as well as University policies as specified in the BGSU Student Handbook.

SOAB Requests

Recognized student organizations may request support from the Student Organization Allocation Board. Only recognized student organizations whose presidents, treasurers and advisors have completed their respective training sessions, and who are in good standing with the University may receive SOAB allocations.  These resources are intended to support organization activities, but not to fully fund organizations. SOAB may only fund up to 75% of an organization’s total annual budget.

Organizations are not guaranteed funding or resources.  Allocations for an organization will be based on SOAB’s evaluation of the organization’s request, available funding or resources, and information gathered during financial consultations and audits.

Student Organization Allocation Board (SOAB) Policy

Semester Allocations

The Semester Allocation process is available to organizations that have been a recognized student organization at BGSU for two (2) or more consecutive years. . The application process occurs in the spring semester to allocate funds that are available the following July 1 to December 31 and in the fall semester to allocate funds that are available for the following January 1 – June 30 to organizations that meet all requirements as stated in the allocation.

Detailed information regarding semester funding requests can be found on the Semester Funding Information page.

Semester Funding Information

Special Allocations

Organizations may submit a request to cover expenses for programming or travel not covered during the semester allocation process. The Special Allocation Funding process occurs periodically throughout the academic year. This process is open to:

1. Initiatives or student organizations that are new to the BGSU community;

2. Recognized organizations that received funding for the given fiscal year that incur unexpected costs that are not the result of fiscal irresponsibility;

3. Initiatives or student organizations that did not receive funding from the SOAB, given that the special allocation funds are used in a manner consistent with the funding policies.

All organizations are required to fund raise at least 25% of their annual operating budget.  Please pay close attention to the submission dates.

Special Allocation Application and Schedule of Review


Coke Product Requests

Coke products are available to support activities that enhance the educational, cultural, and social experience of BGSU students.  Activities must open for participation by the entire student body, must directly assist the organization in achieving its mission as it aligns with the University Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan, and must occur on or near campus.  If the request for product is approved by the board, you will be sent information on picking up the product from the University's Woodbridge Warehouse. 

Coke Products may be utilized within the following limitations:

  • No organization may receive more than $1000.00 worth of product during an academic year.
  • No department may receive more than $500 worth of product during an academic year.
  • Organizations/departments receiving product must recognize Coca-Cola as a sponsor on all promotional materials for the event.

Requesting Resources