The Student Organization Development Team is here to help organizations at BGSU thrive. We offer a wide variety of support for annual registration, organization development, planning and management as well as programming and events throughout the year to support organizations.

Have questions about policies, processes and resources for organizations? Check out the 2021-2022 student organization guide!

Organization Registration

Student Organizations at Bowling Green State University are required to re-register their organization once per academic year. Recognized Student Organizations receive the following privileges:

  • Use of university facilities
  • Large event spaces and gymnasiums may carry additional fees
  • Opportunity to apply for University funds and pouring rights funding in accordance with University rules and regulations
  • Use of resources provided by Student Engagement, including Presence
  • Inclusion in University publications, directories and distribution materials
  • Ten percent discount on selected catering through BGSU Dining
  • An opportunity to participate in University organization fairs
  • Eligible for on-campus fundraising activities
  • Opportunity to obtain student organization mailbox, office and/or storage space in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union

Registration takes place in the spring/summer of each academic year. Follow the steps below to re-register your organization:

1. Complete the Organization Transition in Presence

  • Navigate to your organization profile on
  • Click the pencil icon located in the top right corner of your organization’s page to update and submit current information about your organization for review. Note: Don’t see the pencil icon? Only listed Officers in your organization can edit your page. Reach out to previous leadership, or to for support regarding updating your profile.
  • When editing your page, make sure to update:
  • Organization officers – A President and Treasurer are required positions for every organization.
  • Advisor – Every organization is required to have a full-time faculty/staff member at BGSU serve as their advisor.
  • Constitution – Check out our Constitution Quick Start Guide as you are updating your constitution for helpful tips.
  • Organization Information – Include the correct meeting location and contact information for students who may want to join your group!
  • Submitted profiles will be reviewed and approved by the Student Engagement Team.

2. Attend Student Organization Training

  • This training will occur at the beginning of the fall semester and is required for all student organization presidents and treasurers. More information will be shared about student organization training with student organization leaders via email.

Want to restart an organization that has existed at BGSU previously? We can’t wait to help you rebuild your organization. Some organizations have records and data on file from previous establishment. To restart an organization:

  1. Review “Start a New Organization Requirements” as these requirements are still required when an organization restarts. If any files, data or people still exist on file, those can be used to complement newly created organizational information in the restart process. If you are not sure if your organization has existed previously, please complete the new organization process and we will confirm with our records upon registration submission.
  2. Contact Student Engagement at to inquire about your student organization and begin the registration process.

We are so excited you want to start a new student organization at BGSU! Follow the steps below to get started and reach out to with any questions along the way!

  1. Gather the required files and people to start your organization
    • At least 10 interested students and their BGSU emails
    • A president and treasurer to list on the roster
    • An advisor who is a full-time faculty/staff member at BGSU
    • A student organization constitution
  2. Complete the Organization Registration Form
    • Using the information you gathered, complete the registration form to formally begin the new organization recognition process.
  3. Schedule an Information session
    • After submitting your organization registration form, a member of the Student Engagement team will reach out to schedule an information session with you and the organization's leadership. During this meeting, we will go over applicable policies and procedures, show you the student organization resources available to you through BGSU, and answer any questions you have as you are getting started!

Student Organization Events and Programs

Check out our semester calendar to see all the ways your organization and get support, get connected and thrive at BGSU!

Calendar coming soon in 2022!

Student Organization Advisor Resources

Student organization advisors serve in unique roles that offer students support, advice, and direction from a trusted on-campus staff member. Advisors serve in varying roles, depending on the organization and their unique needs. We have resources to help support advisors and work with organizations and advisors to help develop the structure for a positive advising relationship. The student organization development team is here to help organizations, advisors, and students learn and grow within the student organization community at BGSU.

Quick Start Guides

Quick start guides are blueprints to help you and your group work through common student organization processes, projects and activities. In each guide you will find steps that guide you through the planning and visioning of a project, helpful tips and questions to work through with your organization and considerations that will help you make the most of your next student organization adventure. Access all of the available Quick Start Guides.

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Organization Consultations

Student Organization Support Workshops

Student Organization Events and Initiatives

Get Involved Programs

Poster Room

Need to create marketing materials? For any physical marketing creation needs, visit the poster room located on the fourth floor of the Bowen Thompson Student Union. This space is stocked with craft materials, paint and much more to help you design posters, banners and other marketing materials for your organization. Supplies and materials for organizations are continually added to the space. If you do not find what you are looking for, please reach out to

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